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    For Sale Beema bamboo plants, vettiver plants, sandal wood plants, fruit plants, forest tree species

    We are promoting. Can we collaborate M.Jeyakumar
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    Please provide your contact details to reach you Rgds M. Jeyakumar,

    Please provide your contact details to reach you Rgds M. Jeyakumar,
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    Yes, We are promoting Herbal cultivation since 20 yrs ,in Tamilnadu. We can join with you Rgds M.Jeyakumar Consultant TACED
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    Opportunity Tulsi Moringa Magni Brantashi Contract Farming

    Dear Mr Vino, Greetings. We, an active NGO has been working in Herbal sector, especially to promote cultivation for export. On Thulasi and Moringa we have sufficient experience on cultivation on and processing .We have good network of farmers on these products. We will be much keen ,if you are...
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    Wanted Red aloe vera

    I can give - pl contact me
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    Wanted Need farmers to do medicinal farming which will be contract farming and highly benefit.

    we can join with you.Pl provide more details M.Jeyakumar
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    Opportunity Tulsi Moringa Magni Brantashi Contract Farming

    We are very much interested in Thulasi .Pl call us or send more details M.Jeyakumar
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    Event MID-2019- Moringa India Delegation 2019- A filed Study Tour -18,19, 20 th October 2019

    Dear Herbarian, India is popular for many aspects. Our country is being called as a cultural INDIA, Neem INDIA, Caster INDIA. While it has potential to be called as Herbal Country, we all can work together to emerge as Moringa India. Yes, with this concept, TACED has taken up to promote Moringa...
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    Advertising HBM- 229th Edition- How to start Moringa Powder/ Seed oil Business ?

    Dear Herbaraian, While 55 percent of our Indian women are anemic, there need to be an approach to address. TACED feels that Moringa Leaves is the best solution. India, especially,Tamilnadu is popular for Moringa. But, it is unfortunate that we in India yet to enter in to value addition. Every...
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    Event HBM-228th Edition-TECHNO- COMMERCIAL ANALYSIS FOR 20 Select Herbals on 24-09-2019

    Dear Herbarian, Greetings from TACED, In the present scenario , the technology plays a vital role. Unexpectedly, the technology has not penetrated in to herbal sector. While consumers have realized the advantages of Natural products the industry especially the trade has not equipped to trade...
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    Wanted Cardamom in bulk required

    If you could assign us on exclusive basis ,we can ply an active role. We have fantastic field team for this product Rgds M.Jeyakumar Consultant, TACED
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    Available All Cow Products (GIR COW)

    can you please send by mail in English Rgds M.Jeyakumar TACED
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    For Sale neem leaf powder making machine

    Can you please share more on the machine. We can promote Rgds M.Jeyakumar,TACED 9443159345
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    Event HBM-227th Edition-Scope for Sourcing & Marketing Herbal Extracts-on 10th Sept 2019 @ Madurai-

    The trend of Herbal business gets changed on a continuous basis.The drug manufacturing firms earlier used source the herbals from vendors and process further for formulation . Now , on various reason the firms are not able to get quality raw materials and they have shifted to source as...
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    Wanted Wanted moringa leaves in bulk quanitity

    Dear Mr Kumaresh, we can source good quality of Moringa Leaves . Pl call us -9443159345 Rgds M.Jeyakumar. TACED
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    Event HBM- 226th Edition -BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES based on VTN & AYUSH-Expo-2019

    Dear Herbarian, In the everlasting changing scenario, we are bound to loose significance in our present activities and at the same time there would be ample scope to avail a number of new and attractive opportunities .Exhibitions are being organised by a varieties of organisation to showcase...
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    HBM- 225 th Meet- Extract HERBALS for Export- 13-Aug 2019- Madurai

    Dear Herbarian , It is really shocking to hear the following sentence in almost all training /seminars being organised in India on Herbal About 65 percent of Herbals is being Exported as crude form & only 35 percent is being extracted and exported Yes , the statement provides tremendous...
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    HBM- 224 th Edition- 60 Yrs of Herbal business Experience in 60 Minutes- 23 rd July 2019 @ Madurai.

    Dear Herbarians, Greetings from TACED We have been analyzing the present status of the herbal business in an inclusive way. The recent observation indicates that there is a huge demand for herbals for export and value addition.Firms are keen to purchase raw herbals in bulk for extraction...
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    Wanted Tulasi Leaf buyers details

    Yes, We can source you a variety of Herbals. Pl advise us the list of Herbals required Rgds M.Jeyakumar 9443159345 fb -tacedcosultancy
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    Event HBM - 223 rd Herbal Business Meet -ONE HERBAL- ONE LOAD On 09-07-2019 @ Madurai

    Dear Herbarians, The visit of Mr. Prahalad Maheswari of Rajesthan to TACED -HBM has inspired all of as and made to realize the significance of Neemuch Herbal Market . Any type of Herbals could be marketed in Neemuch .To avail such opportunity one has to pack in bulk. TACED plans tosegmentize...

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