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    For Sale Lemongrass and vetiver slip

    We want to sale lemongrass,and Vetiver slip.
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    Job Required Farm manager or farm development

    I have 20year experience in farm development and MAPs cultivation।
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    Need Vetivar cultivation culsontansy job.
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    We want to sale vetivar slips.
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    I have 20 year of exp of Vetivar, lemongrass cultivation .
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    Vetiver cultivation

    Dear all member vetiver cultivation is a very profitable crop in rural area and vetiver have zero % risk.
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    We need 65HP above old tractor in good condition and call 94 55 46 86 21 thank
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    lemongrass plantation

    Visit our farm for looking lemangrass and vetiver with matricarea plantation.thes plantation give profit Rs.1.5lakh/acr.
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    vetiver slip

    i want sale vetiver slip variety ks-1 and smridhi.9 4 5 5 4 686 21
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    Need Farm manager position

    Dear Member, I S.P.Singh PG in Agronomy and we have 18 year exp in farm management and scintific cultivation MAPs.As crop Vatevar,Lemongrass,palmarosa,Gerenium,Patchouli,and some horti crop. Att prasant my requirment 12 to 1500000.Rs/year thanks
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    Cheap agri land in Panna MP

    Dear all i have 100 acr and 60 acr road tuch,full water and 30 meter soil deft without ston.This land suitable all crop cultivation and if any party want i can stabelish project with guarantee thank.
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    full devolop land for sale

    Dear all i have 30 acr and big farm sale my farm have 24 hour eb,full table,24 hour water all typs of crop cultivate and farm sichuated 15 km of taluka pawai distric pann pm and soil deft 80 feet cost per acr 2.5 lakh if any party want un devolop ed farm i can manag prasant i have 5 patch...
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    Aromatic planting/seedling sale

    Dear all, we want to supply VTIVAR,CETRONELA,LAMONGRASS,PALMOROSA,PATCHOULI,ROSE CUTTING,ZEARENIUM,ROSEMERY etc.pls give pm.thank all metarial supply on farmer rats.and germination garantee.
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    Trends PLANTATION and IRRIGATION labour avilabel

    Dear all farmer in AP I can supply farm superviser and tecnical irrigation and plantation labour pls give me fill free pm.thank
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    Best quality land sale in panna district in M.P.

    Dear all if you need agri land in mp you get land 10acr to 50 acr patch and if any party want with devoloped farm i can give devolop as party like thank.
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    vetevar and other maps planting meterial cell

    i have vetevar,lemongrass,cetronella,palmarosa,patchouli,zeranium,satavar,colleus,makuna,stevia,jamrosa,tulsi etc.if any member have requirment please give message thank i have nursary in A.P. and U P
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    mediciinal and aromatic plant and seed sell

    we have Vetivar/lemongrass/cetronella/palmarossa/tulsi/coleus/stevia//makuna/pachouli/kalmegh/staver etc in bulk quintity.thank
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    wanted rajnigandha bulb

    we need rajnigandha bulb in large quintity grower please give pmthank.
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    Looking farm manager job

    Dear member we have 15 year exp in farm managment and cultivation . thank
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    Medicinal and Aromatic planting material

    Dear all, we have Vetevar,Lemongrass,cetronella,Palmarosa,Sataver,Tulsi,Patchouli,Stevia etc. thank

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