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    Question Need advice for Coconut Vs Tamarind tree farm

    Coconut farm will more beneficial than tamarind. Please contact.
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    Do contact with us.
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    Available Interested in starting your own seed company

    Plz share ur contact no. Really interested in plan.
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    For Sale Ashwagandha/ Akarkara seeds for sale

    What's the price?
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    For Sale Ashwagandha seeds, sarpagandha and ananthmool plants

    Whats the price of Ashwagandha seeds
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    Required Vermicompost Project Consultant

    Dear Madam, can I have your contact number … Looking for making vermicomposting.
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    Opportunity Ashwagandha contract farming

    I am interested in your project please share contact no.
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    Required Wanted farmers for contract farming of variousherbal plants

    Hi, I am from Parbhani Maharashtra,Where are you located?pls inform ,I am interested to join you, please share details of existing business. We have 50 acres of land in all
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    Required Vermicompost Project Consultant

    We have good experience, and knowledge of making vermicompost , I can provide consulting free of cost contact
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    Question What is the best way to convert any types of organic waste into compost ?

    There are 4 to 5. ways of making compost if want contact
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    For Sale Buy Malgova Mango (Mulgoba, Graft) Live Fruit Plant

    Exact location please? I am interested for purchasing
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    For Sale Best Avocado Graft Saplings for Sale

    Exact location plz?I am interested to purchase
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    For Sale Growing exotic vegetables and greens in hydroponic system from Warangal

    Hi, may I get your contact no. Please .
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    For Sale Red pumpkin 10 tons available 10Rs kg+transportation from Maharastra

    Plz give ur contact no. and ur spot
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    We are master in producing vermicompost Anybody who wants to set up new project or purchase verms or vermicompost PLZ contact Thanks!
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    Copper sulphate

    Name of copper sulphate Hi, It is called 'Morchud' in Marathi.
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    Natural fibber bags

    business enquiry Sir, Plz send catlogue and pricelist... Please contact....
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    wanted agriculturalist - gujarat

    business enquiry Sir, What type of consultancy do u require plz let me know. We have good experience of agriculture field since last 10 years. I may help u . Feel free to contact. Mrs. Rekha Gopal Solunke Please contact.....

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