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    Required Consultant for forming an FPO

    We are looking for a consultant to create and manage Agreements under FPO scheme.
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    Question Setting up a new mushroom farm

    We are interested to setup a New Mushroom Farm for production of Button Mushroom - Capacity 1 Ton/day (350 Tons/year). Looking for professional consultants.
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    Wanted Foliar Spray

    Hello I am looking for a foliar spray for green foliage to increase the photosythesis and growth. Please suggest contacts and product details. Thanks in advance.
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    Job Available Wanted Farm Manager near Panipat

    We are contracting Farmland for Contract Farming about 50 Acres for Napier Grass. Looking for a Farm Manager with at least 5-7 years' experience who can handle the entire operation from Preparation, recruitment, cultivation, and harvesting. This will be a Long-term engagement.
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    Question Napier Grass Farming

    We want to venture into Napier Grass Farming on a Large scale for Biomass. Want to connect with consultant for a high-volume farming for Napier or some other Grass suitable for Biomass.
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    Required Vermicompost Project Consultant

    Looking for a consultant to setup a Mid-Scale Vermicompost Plant near NCR. Consultant should be well versed in Latest Technical and Financial aspects including Subsidies available from Government.
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    Question Mushroom hydroponic farming

    We want to setup a hydroponic mushroom farming farm. Will appreciate any help in consultancy etc.
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    Question Moringa Farming

    Need guidance and feasibility to do Moringa farming about 60 Acres in North India about 30 kms from Delhi. Interested parties please revert.

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