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    Land Required i need agri land in low budget. brokers excuse. only direct owners.

    \ need maximum upto 5 acres with EB and proper documents. may be in vandavasi like distance from chennai. my budget is 5 lac / acre. KANNAN
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    want a agri land tambaram side chennai 1 acre

    want a agri land tambaram side chennai 1 acre - max budget 10 lac - kindly understand clearly abt my budget... just tell me where i can get.. pls give only clear agri lands.. kannan
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    Need a joint venture

    Hi, I have seen several Ads selling 50-500 acres of land. The prices for such lands are usually cheap and but they are not willing to sell small pieces. i m willing to buy near madhuranthagam chennai .. i have a party who wants to sell 300 acres (8 lacs per acre) - or else we can also find a...
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    Wanted 10 acres of farm land near south chennai

    Looking to buy 10 acres of Farm / Agricultural land at cheap / reasonable rate within 300 KMs radius from Chennai. Preferred locations include villages near Chengalpet, Dindivanam, pondy, cuddalore, chidambaram, mayavaram etc. please contact me for more details kannan
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    Wanted 1 acre farm land

    I want one acre farm land @ low budget. Kannan
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    Save chennai

    I m going to start a group called ECO FRIENDS we all just a school friends about 10 middle class peoples. but want to leave chennai green for our next generations. so want to plant trees in road sides. Any one kindly suggest which tree will be good for chennai water problem, temperature and give...

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