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    Land Required Need agriculture land for lease

    Kindly let me know the details.
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    Land Required Required agriculture land on rent or lease for Integrated organic farming.

    Sir, I'm in Hyderabad setting up a new farm. This is in Rayaraopet, Bibinagar Kandal, Bhongir Dt. I'm interested in this land. Kindly contact .
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    Land Available 10 Acres agriculture land available in Telangana

    Is it for sale or lease? I'm looking on lease.
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    Land Available Agriculture land

    Hello Sai, Please let me know about the size and availability of blocks on lease with lease amount. Thank you,
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    Question Need guidance for organic farming in Hyderabad

    If you find any please let me know.I'also looking for 10 acres on lease in or around Hyderabad.
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    Land Available Land for sale in Maharashtra, one lakh per Acre.

    Hi, Kindly send me the details .
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    Import of Boer-Goats from Australia/South Africa

    But this is not pure breed. Whatever is sold here as Boer is so expensive.I have thoroughly gone through your web site. I feel importing pure breed from Africa or Namibia will be better option. Welcome more comments...
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    Wanted Looking for makai/corn for feed at low cost

    I'm looking for broken or whole makai/corn for feed at low cost.My monthly requirement is 1-2 tons and may require more. You can reach me at or 0828 131 40 40

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