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    Solar Power Packs Mumbai

    1Kilo Watt Per Hour Power Pack For Rural Areas. 1000W High Efficiency Solar Panel 1.5kva Sine wave Solar Compatible inverter (200AH * 4) 800 AH Batteries This Power Pack will Generate minimum 6KW per Day. Note : FOB Mumbai , Transport , Cabling , Switches , Installation Cost Extra...
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    Proposal From DA Surya Shakti for co-ordination in Rural Development Sectors

    As per the best of your knowledge, you are highly aware and knowledgeable of the fact that nowadays Solar Energy is one of the best solutions for development in rural areas. We at DA SURYA SHAKTI can provide you: • Solar stand alone energy generation units for government offices, telecom...
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    Proposal From DA Surya Shakti to Consultants

    PROPOSAL 1 : REGARDING TENDERS, GOVERNMENT PROJECTS, RURAL DEVELOPMENT SECTORS & WIRELESS TELECOM SECTORS. We At DA SURYA SHAKTI; can provide : A : Solar stand alone energy generation units for government offices, telecom sector, wireless telecom sector. B :Solar Water Supplying pumps for...
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    Funds and Maintenance Service for 1-20 MW Projects Available for Land Owners

    We Have capability and experienced Platform Partners and associated Manufacturers to take complete turnkey power plant projects from Consultancy to Installation. Company can carry out Grid connected & Stand alone solar power plant Projects of: We will sell 92% to 95% Solar Panels (and...
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    Proposal: Regarding wireless telecom sectors.

    We At DA SURYA SHAKTI; can provide Solar stand alone energy/electricity generation units for telecom sectors specially for wireless telecom Towers. For More Details and images Please find Attachment DA Solar Telecom Solution. Whenever You Install A Tower at your property Please Suggest them...
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    Question Help Needed : Request to Reply Two Questions

    I Want One Information Regarding MNRE Rule or Tender Rule I want to Know How become a MNRE Approved Manufacturer/Dealer? I Have Associated Legally MOU & NDA Signed Manufacturers of Solar Products , They Have All Certifications of Quality Management and MNRE Approvals I am Bidding on Solar...

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