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    Poll Is it really possible to buy good agriculture land at low prices?

    Agriculture land price in India is too high because lot of people are investing in it either for investment, tax saving or they have lot of black money and this should be controlled. Starting farming by purchasing new land in not viable in my opinion because ROI is too high as compared to other...
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    Land Available 1 Lac per acre agriculture land for sale in Konkan..

    Please share your contact details
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    Question Soya milk and soya paneer

    I am from Ujjain- MP and our main crop is soyabean only, we can provide good quality raw material. Main challenge is market for soya panner ?
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    Consultancy offered 4 Horticulture/Vermicompost projects with 100% returns & Buyback

    Dear Kumar, I have 30 acre fertile land in MP-Ujjain dist. and interested for horticulture project.please send your contact details. Regards Vivek 08605000257
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    Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback

    Dear Madhav, I am interested in your proposal , having land in MP-Ujjain distt. please send your contact details. Vivek 8605000257
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    Farmland with excellent connectivity for lease/partnernship near Bangalore

    I am interested ,Please send your contact details Vivek 8605000257
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    Land Available Land for sale in Maharashtra, one lakh per Acre.

    I am interested for 5/10 acre land please send me the details on Vivek
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    Land Required Cheap Agriculture land in Madhya Pradesh

    I am interested, please send the land details and your contact no.

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