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  1. pramoliya

    Advertising Cultivate herbal medicinal product by contract farming.

    Get revenue by contract farming. Cultivate to herbal medicinal product. Such as aloe vera, kalmegh, white musli, shatavari, chicory, brahmi, asalo, jivanti, lemongrass, basil and many more. Information will be provided from plantation to selling. Open the link below for more information...
  2. pramoliya

    Wanted Want Prosopis Juliflora dry leaf.

    Need of Prosopis Juliflora dry leaf. 5 MT The goods from the place will be taken. For more information, visit the website. Pankajbhai Ramoliya 9714616040
  3. pramoliya

    Wanted Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation under buyback in Gujarat

    We need farmers who are having interest to cultivate Herbal crops.We provide all type medicinal plants in cheap price . We provide Aloevera,Stevia,Tulsi,Safad musli,Colius,Lemongrass,Pamarosa,Satavar, Sarpgandha, Mentha,Moringa (Drumstic) ,Sarpgandha,Ashwaganda, Horticulture plant,Tree...

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