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    Land Available 48 acres prawn pond for sale AP

    Which location ? Name of the place
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    Wanted where i can get land for aqua culture ?

    i need information on where i can get land for aqua culture ? I wanted to do shrimp and fish farming. Can any one please tell me details of land available at low cost. Thank you Prakruthiram 7702613403
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    Wanted Where can I get murrel fish seeds in Tamilnadu?

    there is no hatchery for murrel seed in India everybody gets from wild collection of individuals. I know a person who supplies murrel seed in Tamilnadu . his number is 9791588110 contact him Thank you
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    Wanted Want Cheap Agriculture Land

    how much one acre costs sir ?
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    wanted ponds or land for Aqua culture at cheap price

    I wanted to start fish farming and shrimp farming so need ponds or land with brackish water or fresh water facilities in south India. starting from 10 to 100 acres Thanking you Please contact me prakruthiram 7702613403

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