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    Hello Sir, I am farmer as well businessman too but in engineering field. I can help you for both as only due to improve North Maharashtra value. If interested message . Regards
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    Land Required Fertile agricultural land anywhere for horticulture

    Hello Sir Please tell us where are you from.. Are you interested in Maharashtra with plenty of water and cool atmosphere? If yes then message me . Regards
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    For Sale Export quality semi-organic banana for sale

    Hello, I am from from North Maharashtra. We have almost 9.6 acres farm ready banana in our farms. Next 6 acres batch will be ready on next month. If needed I will share you pics. Interested buyer message me. Regards
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    Event Talk with Dr. C.K. Narayana on ' Processing of fruits (banana, jackfruit, mango, guava in particular) '

    Is there any websites/ book available of The Dr C. K. Narayana specially on Banana? Thanks
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    Opportunity Require banana leaves in Karad, Maharashtra.

    Hello Sir, I am from Dhule, North Maharashtra. I can supply you following, 1. Fresh Bananas 2. Banana leaves 3. Banana stem 4. Banana flower 5. Fresh Banana chips in 5 flavours. Contact me if interested.

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