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    Land Required Agriculture Land for Sale Ramabhadrapuram, VZM dist AP

    Hi iam individual wanted to buy Agriculture land to grow Vegetables if anyone has or wanted to sell Agriculture land suitable for vegetable growing in Ramabhdrapuram mandal, VZM district, Andhra pradesh contact me
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    Land Required Agriculture Land any where in Telangana state

    Hi iam looking for Agriculture land any where in Telangana state, suitable or Cotton farming whats will be the typical price range/acres and if you got any let me know this is not for commercial purpose. so less 3L/acre only respond
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    For Sale Palma rosa oil in Hyderabad

    Hi any buyers for palma rosa oil ? we have palma rosa oil our farms are in hyderabad contact me via inbox if there are any buyers for this oil
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    5acres land at Shadnagar hyderabad what to do?

    Hi guys my friend (old person- retired doc) got 4 acres land at shadnagar, hyderabad, asking me to do something on it. what can we do there is one borewell. but you know,, not much or great agriculture is done there..... he appointed one person to take care of some plantations he planted...
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    want Soya Wax

    Hi i am looking for regular supply of soy wax to hyderabad area, interested in buying directly from the producers anyone producing soy wax, get int ouch with me at sgpsai at gmail dot com thanks sai
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    need consultantion on coffee plantation and coffee business

    Hi i need need consultantion on coffee plantation and coffee business any expert who can give me DPR can contact me at earliest thanks sai

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