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    Question Tree Rehabilitation process required

    Hi, As part of road expansion in National Highway Sangareddy - Nanded saw many big old trees being cut. Is it possible to plant these trees in nearby Forest area? Can someone suggets what is the best process to be followed to save those trees? I don't know whether it requires any permissions...
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    Question Cotton Plucking Machines helpful?

    Hi, would like to know whether Cotton plucking machines really help? When I inquired the problems faced: 1. Cotton pluck from fruit is not 100% 2. Battery problems Are the machine really capable of what a skilled Cotton plucker does? Thanks in advance Best Regards, Krishna kanth
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    Require Agri land near pavagada

    Hi All, I am interested to purchase Agri land near pavagada/madikeri or some other area around 50k-70k per acre. Can you share the details alternatively reach on my mobile Regards,

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