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    Opportunity Need farmers to cultivate medicinal herbs under buyback programme

    I have dropped message with my mail id and contact details, with the details and requirement; You may pls check and reply;
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    Question Opinions for proper use of agri land

    Am having a 2 acre land with limited water facility in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh; This land is not being used for farming since last seven years; Considering the interest in farming/agri based, need opinions on how best this piece of land can be put to use for farming/agri-based with some...
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    Required Startup - Investor required for agribusiness startup

    Hi, Am keen and inclined on agribased; You may pls share the concept and details of your project/start-up. We can touchbase on look for options/feasibility;
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    Land Available Agriculture Land with all facilities for lease or Joint venture 80 KM from Bangalore

    Dear Shiva Kumar, What sort of business venture are you interested in to? Which crops are considered in your land/region? If you can provide a bit more details, we can think of some feasibility;
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    Wanted Some investors to expand Sheep Farming

    Hi Samuel; Pls let us all know your location;
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    For Sale 3 acres river touch farm house 60 kms from Thane

    Dear Sanjay Sharma; What is the pricing? You may send details to my mail id:
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    Wanted Looking for joint venture for organic farming

    Hi Sudhakar, Which locality are you looking for? Can you pls share the details on my mail id : or WhatsApp on 9323577763
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    For Sale 25 acres land for sale

    Dear Devendra, Pls provide the location of your farm and price per acre; You may send the details to may mail id: or 9323577763;
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    Looking for Funding

    Hi Uday, pls mention your location; That helps to have quick response; If you are from Andhrapradesh, pls let me know; We can discuss further; My contact: 9323577763.
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    Wanted Earn from your land in Konkan

    Hi Jivesh, Am too from Mumbai, You may share the complete details to my mail id :; Am enthused to get in to farming; However, need to know comprehensively from you on your plan;
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    Wanted Working capital partner for chrysanthemum project in Nasik

    Hi Nithin, Pls share complete details of the requirement; Accordingly, we can see for investing for WC or so; You may pls mail the details to; Am currently based out of Mumbai and have visited Nashik for Agri expo and so; Me along with my partner are interested in to...
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    Wanted Business Partner - Country Chicken Project

    You may pls share the details on; Am interested if your location is either AndhraPradesh or Maharashtra
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    Wanted Looking for Partner or investor in farming project near Mumbai .

    You may share the project on; Am currently based out of Mumbai
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    Wanted Need investors to invest in my farm in Karnataka

    Can you pls provide the exact location in Karnataka? Also, pls provide the details of soil and type of crops grown;
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    Advertising Integrated farming of coconut plantations with banana inter crops

    Dear Divakarank, You need to pls mention the region /State as well to get better responses; We are interested in investing I farming and further expansion, however, it all depends on the region and the quality of services;
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    For Sale Passion towards Farming; this could be your destiny.

    Do you have any website or so to get to understand more details? Also, which area of the country do you deal with? Pls provide complete details on my mail id :; Can you pls provide the details of the given contact mail id;
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    Wanted Buy back companies for aloevera farming in Telangana Hyderabad

    Hi Srikanth, You may contact; They provide baby plants as well do a buyback agreement as well; They are basically based out of UP; However, they provide services across UP, MP, Rajastan, Maharashtra as well; So I believe, they provide to Telangana as well; Am not...
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    4 acre Agriculture land in Mandya with 24 hours water borewell water for partnership

    Dear Supreeth, What is the cost of land/ per acre; Also, where exactly is the location and what is the soil type? You may pls share the complete details on my mail di:

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