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    Required G9 Tissue cultured banana saplings.

    I need G9 Tissue cultured banana saplings for an acore. Our land is located near by Coimbatore city. If anybody supplying the same shall be contact
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    intercorp for coconut trees

    any one could suggest me for successful intercorp under the15 year old coconut trees.good amount of water resource is available. our filed is located near by coimbatore city.
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    Loan required for agriculture land purchase

    Is any bank is offering loan for buy a agriland?
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    Required Loan for buy agriculture land.

    Any bank is giving loan for buy agriculture land?
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    New TNEB Service connection for farmers

    Wat is the procedure to get the new TNEB service connection for irrigation purpose. Anybody help me on this.
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    Solar/wind energy for cultivation

    Any body having any idea/ details about solar/wind energy power for pump the water from deepwell for irrigation in tamilnadu. I have land and availablity of water in borewell.

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