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    Land Available 14 Acre Agriculture Land sale in Dindigul

    Dindigul To Bangalore Highway 25 km from Dindigul 4 well 2 eb Per acre Rs.10 lacs
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    Land Available For Sale 10Acre COCONUT FARM IN DINDIGUL

    Located in Dindigul District 2 well Good water 2 bore 2 En service 600 coconut trees Per acre Ra.12 Lacs 99 4 zero seven three three.999
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    Land Available 70 Acre For Sale in Dindigul Dist

    70 Acre For Sale in Dindigul District, Tamilnadu. Red soil clear title Per acre Rs.7.5 Lacs
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    Land Available Agriculture Land 40 Acre for SALE IN Dindigul

    Located Near Dindigul District Red Soil 5 well 6 EB Suitable for agriculture Per Acre Rs.8.25 Lacs. Contact
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    Land Available 40 Acre Agriculture Land Sale in DINDIGUL

    Located Near Dindigul Tamilnadu Suitable for Agriculture Red Soul 5 well with Good Water 6 EB clear title Per Acre Rs.8.25 Lacs Contact S.H.Rahman 99407 33999
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    For Sale Bulk kerala block pepper for sale

    For sale Irukke kerala block pepper and sukku in bulk or regularly
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    For Sale KERALA IDUKKE BLOCK PEPPER For Sale Regulary

    Quality kerala irukke black pepper sale Contact me
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    Land Available 50 Acre agriculture Land For Sale in DINDIGUL--TAMILNADU

    Avail Red Soil 2 EB service 1 well Per acre Rs.4 Lacs
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    Land Available 75 Acre COCONUT FARM sale in DINDIGUL

    25 km from Dindigul Tamilnadu 4000 coconut trees River bed 6EB 5 well & Good water Ownership land Clear title contact me
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    Land Available Agriculture Land 60Acre For Sale in Dindigul

    Located in 15km From dindigul Foothills of Sirumalai hills Super scenaries Good Ground Water Suitable for Agri,Real estate farm house ,college Per acre Rs.10Lacs Contact S.H.Rahman 99407 33999
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    Land Available Agriculture land 46 acre for sale in Dindigul, Tamilnadu

    Agriculture land 46 acre for sale in Dindigul, Tamilnadu Avail 1 EB service 2 well Red soil Per acre Rs.3 Lacs ( Negotiable) Dindigul to Kujiliyamparai road(or) Old Karur Road Location near Palayam
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    Land Available Agriculture Land 46 Acre for sale in DINDIGUL

    Agriculture land 46 acre for sale in dindigul tamilnadu Avail 1 Eb service 2 well Red soil Per acre Rs.3 Lacs ( Negotiable) Call me 99407 33 999
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    For Sale Agriculture Land 20 Acre for sale in Dindigul

    Located in dindigul district tamilnadu Available nelli trees 2000 Sappotta trees 400 coconut trees 15 1 Bore 1 Well 2 Free Eb service Cut road ( Tar) frontage per Acre Rs.8.5 Lacs Contact S.H.Rahman 99407 33 999
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    For Sale Sale 150 acre dry land for sale in Dindigul district

    75 to 150acre dry land for sale per acre Rs.3 lacs (negotiable) in dindigul district tamilnadu Suitable for solar pannel, alovera cultivation By S.h.rahman 99407 33999di
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    For Sale 25 Acre farm land sale in Dindigul District

    25 acre coconut farm land for Sale in Dindigul district per acre rs.3.5 lacs 700 coconut trees 500 sappatta trees 50 mango trees nelli 50 treed 3 bore 3service 3 well. Good water contact s.h. rahman 99407 33 999 tamilnadu
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    Ready For Sale 18 Acre AGRI Land in MADURAI District -TAMILNADU

    This Land Located in Kuttaladampatty village Avail 7.5 Acre Grabe Plantation (Yield) 3 Acre Mango Trees with Trip Irrigation , 3.5 Acre Agriculture Land 4 acre cutting Stone- For the Use of Building Material , Red Soil , 1 Well with 2 Bore , EB Service Beautifull Location , Backside...
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    Ready For Sale 5 Acre AGRI – MANGO –COCONUT FARM Land in Dindigul District -TAMILNAD

    Avail COCONUT Trees 150 Nos ( Yield ) , 200 Nos 2 Yrs Plant MANGO Trees 200 Nos Currently Currently Cultivate Tomatto , Pudhina 1 Well , 2 Bore with Good Water , EB Service ,Red Soil , Allovial Soil Suitable for Purely AGRCULTURE ( Good Water ) Per Acre Rs. 12 Lacs For...
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    Ready For Sale 60 Acre Agri Land DINDIGUL DIST -TAMILNADU

    This Land Located in Anaipatty village Nilakotai Taluk Avail Mango , Nelli Trees , 1 Well , EB Service , Red Soil , Hill View , Chicken Shed , Labour Shed , Cut Road – Tar Road Frontage , Fenced Per Acre Rs.7 Lacs For further details contact: S.RAHMAN 99407 33999
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    Ready For Sale 15 Acre MANGO FARM in DINDIGUL Dist TAMILNADU

    This Land Located in Vedasandur To chennai highway village Name Eriodu Avail Red Soil ,Mango trees , EB , Well ,Shed ,1 Km Highway Main Road Frontage Per Acre Rs 16 lacs For further details contact: S.RAHMAN 99407 33999
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    Ready for sale 7 Acre AGRI Land in DINDIGUL Dist

    This Land is Located in Thadicombu to Kulathur Road Village Name Viralipaty Avail 50 Coconut trees , EB Service , Jet Bore( Inside well ) , Red Soil ,Water sourceable area Per Acre Rs.9 Lacs ( Nego) For further details contact: S.RAHMAN 99407 33999

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