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    looking for F1 capsicum red seeds pls let me know the availability
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    Tissue culture plants

    Tissue culture Banana, Anthurium and Orchid plants for sale.
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    Different vegetable seeds available in small packig for hobby growers. pls contact if interested
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    Gerbera Plants

    Good quality tissue culture gerbera plants with flower and seedlings for sale.....
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    Different varieties of phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids available. Please contact
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    Leather Leaf ferns

    Good quality tissue culture hardened plants of Leather leaf ferns for sale. For more details please contact
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    Tissue culture banana plants

    Good quality dwarf cavendish tissue culture plants available. For more informations please contact
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    We would like to introduce ourselves as the pioneers of commercial plant tissue culture in the country, in the plant tissue culture business since 1984. We have two tissue culture labs situated in Cochin with a capacity to produce 10 million plants per annum.90 % of our products are exported to...
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    banana planting season

    Please give me an idea about the planting season of banana in different states of india
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    Please give me an idea about the planting season of banana in india

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