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    Getting EB connection in TN

    Dear friends, We have one commerical EB connection at our Farm of 7.5 HP which we got after lot of follow up and delay. It took more than 1year after we applied for the same. Now we want to go for 3 more connections - commerical of 10 HP each. Since our farm is a last point of the...
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    Wanted Panchakavya

    Our farm is near Veepanapalle in Krishnagiri. We require "Pure, Original" Panchakavya regularly for our Papaya and turmeric culitvation at our farm. If anyone can provide a guaranted Panchakavya product regularly, please send your contact details and the rates by PM. Regards, Vinay
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    Can I intercropy Papaya with Coleus forskohli

    ????????? Replies from experts will be highly appreciated. If yes, when to start planting coleus in papaya field and if no, why ? Regards, Vinay
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    50 acres scenic land 70 KMS from Bangalore

    50 acres land - single owner , with 2 borewells, EB connection,lake, 1 big checkdam with lot of water, 5 wells - 1 with water throughout the year, 800 mango trees, tamarind grove, culitvated land with drip papaya plantations, with a nice small bungalow , very very scenic with surrounding...
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    Wanted Gloriosa Superba Tubers,Citronella saplings,Vettiver saplings,BOP saplings

    At Best quality and Best rate. Please post your best rate hereitself as reply to this post.. Required immediately at Krishnagiri. Regards, Vinay
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    Second try for ...

    We are looking for : 1. Gloriosa Superba - best rate, best quality tubers/seeds for growing on 1 acre 2. Citronella - best rate, best quality 3. Vettiver -best rate, best quality Please give your quote for delivery at Krishnagiri, TamilNadu. Immediately. Please give your quote as...
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    Tamarind Timber

    We have around 40 small,medium and large tamarind trees in our farm - Krishnagiri dist. Interested parties in buying wood, please send a personal message or post reply here.
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    Gloriosa Superba

    We plan to grow Gloriosa Superba in 1 acre in our farm. Kindly send your best quote for seeds/tubers as personal message or reply on this thread. Regards, Neev Agrotech

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