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  1. shajathali

    Land Available Land near Denkanikottai (Hosur)

    1.80 acers farm land near Denkanikottai. Rich red soil, decent road, clear title. Price 18 lac per acer.
  2. shajathali

    Land Available Water rich land in Krishnagiri Dist., Tamilnadu

    One acers water rich land, one open well and electricity 165 kms from Bangalore. Land in Krishnagiri Dist price 13.5 lac
  3. shajathali

    Land Available 8 acrs 10.5 lac per acr Bangalore 100 kms

    Hi This is 8 acrs plain land 100 kms from Bangalore red soil rich water area price 10.50 lac per acr. Land in Tamilnadu. Contact for more details .
  4. shajathali

    Land Available Farm land in Dharmapuri Dist

    50 acrs Land - Red Soil - plain Land - Dharmapuri Dist - water rich area. Price 6 lac per acer
  5. shajathali

    Opinion What is organic farming - soil

    Natural agriculture is the effort we make of the soil. Rather than providing all the nutrients a crop needs alone, natural agriculture is about letting go of the forces present in that soil. We can increase natural soil fertility by increasing the humas there to maintain the soil. In...
  6. shajathali

    Available Family Farming - Organic way near Denkanikottai

    Purchasing farmland separately and farming is a challenging thing and that is why I am introducing this joint family farming project. The best chemical-free agricultural products to keep our family disease-free. We are trying to get together to produce. When you have time you can come to your...
  7. shajathali

    Land Available Agriculture land near Denkanikottai bulk land cheap price

    Hi Have a big property of 1600 acrs near Denkanikottai Royakotta in Tamilnadu. Close to Bangalore For any big project ...
  8. shajathali

    Land Available Cheap land

    26 and 15 acrs price 6 lac per acr, barren land for organic agriculture Dharmapuri Dist.
  9. shajathali

    Land Available Farm Land near hosur

    My Land 6 kms from denkanikottai (hosur) 2.2 acrs plain land, red soil, Scenic location, suitable for organic farm and farm plots. Price 19 Lacs per acer. Connect through chat
  10. shajathali

    Land Available Developed Land in Denkanikottai

    3.82 Acrs well developed Land on Denkanikottai Palacode (Dharmapuri) Main Road two bore well electric connection well build house Price 1.5 crore
  11. shajathali

    Advertising Organics Farmers Producer Company

    Hi Members. We have started Organics Farmers Producer Company, registering under Companies Act, the process is on. The Directors and share holders are only farmers of Salem District. We are 50 organic Farmers. All are following organic method of cultivation. We give training on input...
  12. shajathali

    Land Available Cheap land in Anchetty denkanikottai

    Hi Have two properties around 100 kms from bangalore way denkanikottai or 20 kms from kanakapura barder 50 acrs price 7 lac per acr. Not single owner sothat this cheap price. Land is barren and virgin. Small portion mud road but motarable. 20 acrs on village tar road same distance stated...
  13. shajathali

    Land Available Land in Krishnagiri dist

    Have 13 acrs near Bettamugilalam in denkanikottai area. You can also reach the land through rayakotta and marandahalli Plain land good soil price 10 lac per acr. Cool climate. You will get few acers of Karab land free of cost
  14. shajathali

    Land Available Cheap farm land in Dharmapuri Dist.

    Cheap priced agriculture land 18 acrs in Dharmapuri dist. price 3.5 lac per acr final no negotiation. red soil, one bore well 200 mts mud road from tar road. Land is not 100% plain, 30% sloap Scenic place. Suitable for integrated organic farming. For more details contact
  15. shajathali

    News Organic Farmers Producer Company at Salem, Tamilndu.

    Hi everyone. We are in to Organic Farming for the past 2 years. We have started Salem Organic Farmers Producer Company in Salem. It is the first FPO for organic products in Tamilnadu. We joint together 50 farmers to start this FPO. we applied for Organic Certification for the entire 50...
  16. shajathali

    Land Available Land in Denkanikottai Anchetty

    7 acrs land Red soil, good road approach near Anchetty of Denkanikottai. Price 9.5 lac per acr. Scenic location.
  17. shajathali

    Land Available Agriculture land

    20 Acrs farm land on a state high way in dharmapuri dist around 130 kms from bangalore, price 8 lac per acr. Red soil, good road call for more details.
  18. shajathali

    Land Available Cheap farm land in Tamilnadu

    Hi We have 50 acrs agricultural land price 4.5 lac per acr. Red Soil Proper Road to the land Clear Title Scenic Location One Residential electric connection Two open well well build Sound water 100% suitable for organic as this place is isolated no traces of chemical spray from neighbors...
  19. shajathali

    Land Available Mango farm

    Hi Have 1.5 acrs mango farm price 16 lac per acr around 160 kms from bangalore in krishnagiri dist. Near foothills of yelagiri hills / javvadu hills. 2 kms from the bangalore pondy NH Call Shajatj
  20. shajathali

    Land Available Near Thally cheap land

    7 Acrs farm land 6 kms from Thally (Hosur) Scenic place, nature not disturbed. Suitable for farming and farm house plots price 9 lac per acr Contact through conversation

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