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  1. jaivik

    For Sale Organic Food

    Dear all We have Farmers group who are producing crop by natural Farming We have almost all Organic products like:- Organic Rices , Organic Brown Rice Organic Black rice Organic Red Rice Organic Pulses Organic Honey of Multiflora Organic Spices Organic Jaggery sollid Organic Sweetner -Khaand
  2. jaivik

    For Sale A2 Deshi Ghee /Vedic Ghee

    Dear all We have Tharparkar cow , Gir , Kankrej Deshi Cow's Bilona Ghee These are processed by Vedic Method Churning Based
  3. jaivik

    Wanted Need turmeric and chilli processing unit

    Dear all , Namaskar We need Turmeric and Red chilli processing unit in Bhuneshwar ,Orissa . For export purpose. Output Quantity will be 4 to 5 metric ton per day . Please share all detail and approx cost for setting these . Thanks and Regards
  4. jaivik

    For Sale Organic Jaggery Ginger Based

    100 % Chemical free Ginger Based Organic Jaggery available please contact with us .
  5. jaivik

    For Sale Herbal PATENTED Plant Growth Promoter and Plant IMMUNE BOOSTER

    Herbal PGR and immune booster is developed by our great Indian Scientist and got PATENT also this is 100% Eco Friendly Non Toxic , products and nano Technology based . Best for all crops , Doses for pgr :- 10 ml mix with 100 litre water Doses for Immune booster ;- 10 ml 50 litre water
  6. jaivik

    For Sale A2 deshi Ghee /Vedic Ghee

    Dear All We have Deshi Cow Bilona Ghee of Tharparkar and Kankrej and of Gir Cow Ghee No Preservatives used No Color Used GMO Free Organic Grass Fed if any body need for resale it or buying it always welcome .
  7. jaivik

    For Sale Organic Food almost all types are available

    Gau Based farming / Organic Food are available Please contact with us .
  8. jaivik

    Advertising Gomay or Panchgavya Based Products

    Dear All, We are Manufacturers & Distributors of Authentic Cow Dung made health Care, Personal Care, Home Care and gifting products & A2 Vedic Ghee Our most popular products in india 1)Panchgavya Dhup stick -70/- Dealer Price 40/- 2) Hawan Dhuup stick - 60/- Dp 40/- 3)Mosquito repellent...
  9. jaivik

    For Sale Natural Grain &Flour Protector Tablet

    Introducing Natural Grain &Flour Protector Tablet 100% Eco friendly products . Made by natural ingredient Handmade ,Very useful for Natural /Organic Farming or Grown Crops or Grain . Could be safe Grain and Flour till One to Two years with harmful Pest like Ghun , and other Pests . 1 tablet...
  10. jaivik

    For Sale A2 Deshi Ghee or Organic Ghee

    We Have a2 Deshi Ghee of Sahiwal , Gir ,Tharparkar ,Kankrej and Theni maddu Cow These all are of different areas of Bharat . available in less price These Ghee is made by Traditional Method or by Bilona, a2 deshi ghee Available in Glass jaar and tin box in half litre and one litre and tin...
  11. jaivik

    For Sale Organic ghee churning based

    Right now we have many farmers and small gaushala who are producing churning based deshi cow’s ghee with vedic method ,from Rajasthan, Haryana , Western Uttar Pradesh and from South India . Deshi Cow's ghee Enhances Ojas, considered the element that increases body immunity (Ojovardhaka)...
  12. jaivik

    For Sale Organic products produced by farmers

    Namaskar We have organic products produced by farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana , Madhya Pradesh who are selling organic rice , organic pulses , organic jaggery , spices , A2 milk Based Bilona Deshi Ghee if anybody want or resale please contact with us .
  13. jaivik

    Pure desi Cow Urine and Dung and Organic Manure jeewamrit khad

    Dear Friends, If you want Pure Desi Cow Urine Orgnanic Jeevamrit khad and cow dung solid form Please contact to us . Abhishek Gupta Anmol Jaivik Krishi Udyam Lucknow, Utttar Pradesh 8468056405,9911015817 Email:-
  14. jaivik

    Orgnanic Manure & Organic Pesticide and Oure cow dung cake

    We are trader and seller of Organic Manure Organic Pesticide Pure Desi Cow dung

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