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    For Sale Information nursery

    Kerala state
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    For Sale Information nursery

    Your location please...
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    For Sale Exotic fruit plants

    Kerala State. Kasargod.
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    For Sale Exotic fruit plants

    Exotic fruit plants are available for sale at resonable rates.
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    For Sale Different varieties of dragon fruit plants

    Around 100 verities, Kerala, Kasargod.
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    For Sale Different varieties of dragon fruit plants

    Different varieties of grafted Dragon fruit plants available at reasonable rate. Interested may please contact.
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    Wanted Exotic fruit plants

    Please contact me for different types of fruit plants.
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    For Sale Stock Clearance - Fertilizer and Chemicals at up to 50% off

    What are the fertilizers, and brand please...
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    We are located in Kottayam and Kasargod Dist, Kerala. What saplings and how much quantity you require please. Thanks
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    Rambuttan, philosan, Matoa, different variety Longan, Jaboticaba, Abiu, Rollinia, Dragon fruit, Rain forest plum, Different variety Jack fruits, Achacheru, Lemon, Passion fruits, Miracle fruit, Mahkota deva, etc...etc..
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    Different types of fast growing fruit plants available for sale. Tropical and subtropical plants.
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    Question Expert views required to get into farming as alternative income.

    Sir, We are well experienced in commercial cultivation of dragon fruits. We have around 20 different varieties for commercial cultivation. If interested please contact us Thank you
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    Kerala State
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    We can supply all types of rare fruit plants Please contact
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    Wanted Coconut farm in Tamilnadu & Kerala

    12 acre coconut farm with all irrigation facility, plenty of water etc available in northern Kerala. If interested please contact me.
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    For Sale Vermicompost

    please give me your rates/ton
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    For Sale LED lights for horticulture application

    I am interested. Pls give me tech Details like input volt, wattage, cooling, par, price etc.
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    Wanted English vegetables and Indian exotic fruits.

    Please contact me. I am near Kasargod. Rumbutan, Philasan, Abiu, Passion fruit, Dragon fruit, Sour sop, etc
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    Opportunity Contract Farming in Bangalore - For Chemical Free Crops

    Interested 25 acres of fertile land available n Kerala. Tom

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