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    Question Ideas for food processing

    Hi All, I am newbie to agri and food processing. I am a tech guy and I am looking to start something in agri space as full time. I have time and resources to do experimentation also. I got my hands dirty with farming since last one year and I have gained decent experience. I am looking for ideas...
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    Job Available Supervisor needed for our farm

    We have a 60 acre farm near Shankarpalli, Hyderabad. We are starting to grow vegetables and fruits. We are looking a reliable person with farming background to take care of daily activities. Duties includes taking care of harvesting, managing workers and project planning. Salary is negotiable...
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    Required Contract farming in Hyderabad

    We have 20 acres of land available near Hyderabad with good water facility and manpower. We are looking for good contract farming opportunity. Please get in touch with us.
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    Question Need help in buying seeds

    We are looking for a reliable place in Hyderabad to buy watermelon, musk melon and papaya seeds. Please suggest me some good varieties of these seeds. We are the first time farmers and read news that most of the seeds available in market are not of good quality. Is there a reliable brand or...
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    Question Where can I find good bed maker and mulching sheet layer in Hyderabad

    Can someone please suggest good quality bed maker and mulching sheet laying implements that can be used with regular tractor. We are looking to buy these implements tomorrow in Hyd. Please suggest some good companies that manufacture these. Thanks
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    Wanted Hydroponics setup for lease

    Looking to lease a hydroponics farm near Hyderabad. Please let me know.
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    Wanted Wanted Farm Equipment in Hyderabad.

    Looking to rent equipment: bedmaker, mulching and drip installer, plough, power weeder in Hyderabad. Willing to purchase also. We are starting a new farm so we are looking to procure some equipment either on lease or buy

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