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    Question Best Coconut Sapling for Starter

    Hello Members, I need similar help. I am based in Hyderabad and have a small farm near by. Looking for 100 samplings of Coconut. Any recommendation on - WHich variety to plant - Prefer to use it for ender and nut Thank you, RK
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    Land Required We want to buy farm land of 40 to 50 Acres near around Hydreabad

    Does this farm has access to road? What kind of water facility it has ? Is it barren or any thing getting cultivated now? How far is the land from highway ?
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    Event Talk with Dr Parashram Patil on "What are the current opportunities in agriculture exports from India?"

    May I request you to share the link of this recording?
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    Land Required We want to buy farm land of 40 to 50 Acres near around Hydreabad

    Hello, We are looking to buy 40 to 50 acre farm land with in 100km radius from Hyderabad. Please ping me if you can help.
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    Question Need suggestions teak or sandal plantation

    It depends on your priority. Can you wait without yearly income? Do you want to hold for 25 years or 10 years? We have done the following. On the border, we put Teak. There are two broad types of Teak. We put Tissue Culture teak but some have put regular teak. In the middle, we partitioned...
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    Wanted Recommendation on Portable Power Sprayer

    I am looking to buy Portable Power Sprayer. Any recommendation on the brand to procure. My usage will be limited. I will use once a week on a 4 acre farm land.
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    Required PUSA tablets

    Hello, this is Ramakrishna from Hyderabad. There is lot of press talk about the benefits of using PUSA tablets but unable to find the source. Please share any seller refrences. Thank you,

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