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    For Sale Pure coorg black pepper

    Available... Black Peppercorn ₹ 540/kg. Mg1, 550gl. ₹ 480/kg. 100% without Admix* If needed for exports, Steam sterilisation process Available.
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    For Sale Green Cardamom available

    @ this price we are delivering 8mm!
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    Land Available Water rich land in Krishnagiri Dist., Tamilnadu

    Stretch of kgiri dt is Not 165km from Bangalore.
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    Usda certificate is for what? Please explain.

    Usda certificate is for what? Please explain.
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    For Sale Yellow maize for cattle feed

    Contact me. Shared my contact details on your profile.
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    Required Animal feeds manufacturing units

    Frankly friend, Animal feed industry is a big budget gamer and credit to farmers, dealers need to be considered. Cost of ingredients is one thing, balanced nutrition to perform on target audience is the key to success. My product helps the animal to .. Attain individually marked specifica...
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    Question Spirulina Cultivation

    Does any of the Consultant's here know what is Basic requirement, how much, who produces and endorsements to start a Spirulina production Unit? and anyone around to have ever even Looked into Spirulina's CoA? Super Food shouldn't become A Super Poison*
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    Wanted Golden Opportunity is knocking for Indian Farmers!!

    Do you have a stevia project? Where?
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    Question Spirulina Cultivation

    Don't get lost! If you can invest ₹1.50 cr minimum with 3 acres of land with abundant ground water source and an average day temperature of 27C, let go Spirulina. I am sure NO ONE around here technically Qualified, Experienced with declarable References to implement a professional Spirulina...
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    Question Ideas for food processing

    Ideas, assumptions Incorrect! and GRANTS are different- check with concerned authorities what a GRANT is and who, how, why is eligible! Procurement of specific variety of peoduce/raw material Needs appropriate planning and cooperation with farmers on contract farming basis to control round the...
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    For Sale Pure coorg black pepper

    Variety, qty available, Offer?
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    Available Organic farming consultancy, Marketing support, Certification and Bankable project report

    Are you sure you can cooperate to sell certified organic produce? Your terms?
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    For Sale organically cultivated turmeric powder for sale

    Good to hear someone producing Turmeric powder. Hearing for the 1st time! Organic terminology, certificate (except Indcert) are childish.
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    Question Can goat milk be used to make yogurt? And how?

    ₹ 1.750 lakhs consulting fee .
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    Land Required Required land on lease for dairy farm for 10 years min 6 acres or above..

    How many Buffaloes? Why 6 acre? What is Amble space? Your affordable lease value?
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    For Sale Organic amla available

    ₹2/kg, 15 tons.

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