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    Job Available Looking for Family to take care of 2 acre Organic farm near Ramanagara

    We are looking for a Agriculture family to take care of our Farmland located near Ramanagara It is a coconut plantation along with 7-8 desi cows. We will provide house, electricity and water. The place is close to schools, shops and on the bus route. It is 5 Kms from Bangalore-Mysore Highway. We...
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    For Sale Tamil nadu native breed cow's

    yes i am interested...share the images and costing please
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    Opportunity Tulsi Moringa Magni Brantashi Contract Farming

    send me the details...we are close to Bangalore and are keen
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    For Sale Beer waste

    Please share the you supply to Maddur
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    Wanted Need fresh moringa leaves in bulk quantity

    We have a farm near Bangalore and may be keen...let me know...we can grow it for you on a long term contract...
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    Job Available Need a couple or Family to take care of a 2 acre farm with 5 desi cows in Ramanagara, Karnataka

    We have Farmer job opening for the following in Ramanagara, Karnataka, almost 50 kms from Bangalore 1. Farm Care taker (couple) - 1 Family Accommodation will be provided. Responsibility is to take of Desi Cows and Farming activities and take care of 2 acre land, by growing fodder for the cows...
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    For Sale Cows available in Coorg

    If you have any desi breeds then let me know...inbox me