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    Event Talk with Dr. E. Sreenivasa Rao on 'Latest trends in cultivation of muskmelon and watermelon'

    Dr. E. Sreenivasa Rao, Principal Scientist, Division of Vegetable Crops, ICAR-IIHR has done Ph.D. in Horticulture-Vegetable Crops at IARI, New Delhi. He has 20 years experience in vegetable crop improvement and is currently working on genetic improvement of Watermelon and Muskmelon.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Pradeep Kumar Bisen on "Remote sensing in agriculture and other issues"

    Mr. Pradeep Kumar Bisen , Head, Agriculture Remote Sensing at SatSure India Pvt.Ltd., is from a farming background with family engaged in farming. He is an Agricultural Engineer with a Bachelors in Technology followed by M. Tech in Remote Sensing and GIS from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing...
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    Event Talk with Dr. Sairam Reddy on 'Building Vertical Farming in Urban Areas'

    Dr. Sairam Reddy Palicherla, Founder of Urban Kisaan Hydrotech Pvt. Ltd., has done PhD in the field of Agriculture Biotechnology. His area of interest is building vertical farms in urban areas. For the last three years he has been extensively working on developing technology suitable for...
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    Event Talk with Mr. D. Surendranath - "Looking at agriculture from a banker's point of view"

    Mr. D. Surendranath joined Union Bank of India as Rural Development Officer and worked for about a decade in various rural areas and then discharged is duties as Branch Manager at various locations in Andhra Pradesh. Presently, he is a Faculty Member and Discipline In-charge for Rural Agri...
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    Event Talk with Prof. Nagendhiran Viswanathan on 'Using computer automation in agriculture'

    Prof. Nagendhiran Viswanathan, Founder of Suregrow has done Masters in Automation Engineering and worked on design, development & implementation of computerized vertical farm, design of general purpose agricultural activity automation. Pioneer of aeroponic farming and vertical Organic farming...
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    Event Talk with Dr. Ganesan Karunakaran on 'Smart Fruits for 21st Century - Avocado and Red Variety Jackfruit '

    Dr. Ganesan Karunakaran, Principal Scientist & I/c. Head , CHES (ICAR-IIHR- CENTRAL HORTICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION) , Hirehalli has done Ph.D. in Horticulture-Fruit Crops. He has 20 years experience on future fruit crops. His specialisation is in fruit crops like banana, papaya, citrus...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Sameer Sirdeshpande on 'Aonla/Amla cultivation, processing and value addition'

    Mr. Sameer Sirdeshpande, M.Sc (Horticulture) has specialised in Post Harvest Technology. He is the third generation farmer, having 26 acres irrigated land cultivating aonla, sapota, banana, maize sorghum and sunflower depending upon the season. He also has a small dairy farm which is attached...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Sudarshan Ritty on 'How to apply for bank loans for agriculture projects'

    Mr. R.G. Sudarshan Ritty is basically an agriculture graduate and has served 5 public sector banking institutions for a period of 32 years in various capacities (Field officer to Farm Credit Manager). Having the rich experience in finance and farming domain he started agri consultancy business...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Akash Agarwal on 'Cold chain development using biomass powered refrigeration technology'

    Mr.Akash Agarwal is the Director and Co-Founder at New Leaf Dynamic Technologies (P) Ltd. With a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah, USA, Mr.Akash brings a new energy to the work force and a sense of optimism to future growth. Given his marketing background, he is rightly...
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    Event Talk with Mr. T. Ramachandran on ' Button Mushroom Compositing and Growing, Mushroom Farm Management '

    Mr. T. Ramachandran , Consultant at Mushroom Consultants has 25 years of rich experience in Mushroom Production Management, Man Management & Food processing. He has helped growers in Ooty area to improve their biological yield. Worked in Rabya Mushroom Farm, Saudi Arabia in their expansion...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Shajath Ali on organic moringa cultivation

    Mr. Shajath Ali cultivates organic moringa in their farm near Salem in Tamilnadu. The moringa cultivated by them has special attention in market because of its rich green colour and big size. This is because of the organic way of cultivation. They prepare the inputs in their farm itself. He...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Sanjay Suryawanshi, Head Of Procurement at Citrus Processing India Pvt.Ltd

    Mr. Sanjay Suryawanshi, Head Of Procurement at Citrus Processing India Pvt.Ltd., has done master degree in Agriculture (Extension) from Kokan Krishi Vidhyapeeth Dapoli. He has more than 22 years of experience of fresh fruits and vegetable procurement and packhouse operations for export and...
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    Opportunity Wanted farmers who can cultivate 8 types of keerai and supply

    I am Karthikeyan of "The G organic fields ". We have launch an exclusive brand for keerai named "NITHAM ORU KEERAI" and proposed to get the keerai from the famers and sell the same to market as per the perfect branding procedures. We need farmers who could cultivate 8-types of keerai and...
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    Event Talking to Mr. Mani Mahesh & Mr. Rupesh Rai on "How for-profit impact organisations in India can help marginalized farmers?"

    "We are an organisation called Green People - India's first of its kind, integrated, for-profit Impact organisation, working towards reverse migration of marginalized farmers via two channels namely 'The Goat Village' & 'Bakri Chhap'. The former is promoting farm retreats/ home stays and...
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    Event Talk with Mr. V. S. Arunachalam on "My practical experience with natural farming"

    Mr. V. S. Arunachalam of Elunkathir Pannai is from a farming family and has done Agriculture Engineering & Master of Social Works. They cultivate paddy, sugarcane, vegetables, banana, pepper, trees (fruits & Agro forestry) and also into animal husbandry (cow, goat, chicks & fish ). They...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Aamir Ahmed on 'Creating an entire ecosystem of butterflies, bees, trees, cows, birds and earthworms'

    Mr. Aamir Ahmed, creating an entire ecosystem of butterflies, bees, trees, cows, birds and earthworms — all against the backdrop of an organic farm named "Rewild Life Biodiversity Farm" . To know more view
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    Event Talk with Mr. Venkat Maroju on 'Data-driven digital innovations to transform the first mile of agriculture'

    Dr. Venkat Maroju is Chief Executive Officer, SourceTrace Systems - a company that has become a global leader in providing software solutions to agriculture and allied sectors. Venkat has been able to achieve this by combining his core capacities in technological leadership with extensive...
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    Event Talk with Ms. D. Janani on 'Apiculture and selling multi and mono floral honey varieties'

    Ms. D. Janani is a Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. She is working on mono floral honey types. She is doing apiculture and selling multi and mono floral honey varieties.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Krishnappa Doddegowda on '15 years of experience in coconut farming, plantation of sandalwood and redsal'

    Mr. Krishnappa Doddegowda of Channarayapatna Taluk, Hassan District has 15 years of experience in coconut farming, plantation of sandalwood and redsal. He also grows cherry tomato, and broccoli.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Ashok Panwar on 'How to switch to organic farming?'

    Mr. Ashok Panwar a farmer from Madhya Pradesh is interested in farming from childhood. He says his passion is farming and farmer is responsible for the health of his consumers . He has received the Krishak Puraskar at the Taluk level in 2018 and also got certificates at the block level for doing...