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    Opportunity Areca leaf disposable plate raw material supplier ..

    Please advise are you looking for suppliers in Delhi or Kolkata
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    Question Beema bamboo farms

    Bamboo polymorpha
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    Wanted Organic Onion, Potato, Garlic

    Please reply which area
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    Opportunity Wanted dealers/distributors of mushroom

    [QPl UOTE="raaj0bd4, post: 513676, member: 215929"] Please contact. Pls provide rate per kg for distribution,
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    For Sale Bamboo seeds

    Bheema bamboo, you are from Assam. Why do you need it.
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    Question Shrimp Farming in Karnataka

    Pls advise the best from the both
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    For Sale Bamboo seeds

    I am fm Delhi and can provide Bamboo seeds to any part of the globe
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    Land Required Wanted Farm land for lease in & around Delhi (UP & Uttarakhand preferred)

    We supply bamboo seeds for farmers, if ur NGO needs any bamboo related information, please contact.
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    For Sale Bamboo seeds

    We sell bamboo seeds
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    Question Beema bamboo farms

    Please advise cost and your location address.
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    Available Wanted farmers for Contract Farming - Beema Bamboo under buyback

    We wish to have more information on cultivation of Beema Bamboo for energy purposes, kindly mail available particulars.

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