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    Wanted Looking for working partner

    I am an agricultural economist
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    Question Bee keeping traning institute in Haryana

    CCS,Haryana Agricultural University,Hisar
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    Job Required Looking for farming job

    Give your email id
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    Wanted Farm supervisor needed

    Looking for experienced organic farming person for the farm located in chamomile, uttarakhand
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    Land Required Interested in cheap agriculture land in India

    give me details n contact umber
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    Wanted Farming partner in Uganda

    give your whts up number
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    Wanted Investors or partners

    Can u share your number for further discussions
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    Wanted Farming partner in Uganda

    Invest on lease farming land and do farming as active partner.give ur mobile number
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    Wanted Farming partner in Uganda

    Dear all I am looking for experienced personnel to join as farming partner in uganda country. For further discussion contact.
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    Wanted Farm supervisor needed

    Looking for farm supervisor from north India( Haryana) ,to manage my farm located in hisar,Haryana.
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    Wanted Seeking invester on agro farm in Tamilnadu.

    Dear bbs traders Give your whts up mobile number. I also want to invest. Better
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    For Sale Land for lease in Harayan

    Anybody interested to do farming in Haryana. We can both do on fifty - fifty sharing basis. Contact email id
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    Wanted Investment partner for dairy farm in Kerala & Tamilnadu

    I have emailed you. Why not responding,?
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    Wanted Wanted farm labour for apple orchard in Shimla.

    Give ur mobile number n email id

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