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    Wanted Used Lemongrass distillation unit

    Do u still require used distillation unit I do have
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    Opportunity Contract Farming for Lemongrass & Tulsi

    Dear Farmers we are the traders for Tulsi and Lemongrass we do contract farming and buy the produce from Farmers if any one wants to grow Tulsi and Lemongrass it is very lucrative they can contact us my please give there contact details in personal sms
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    Wanted Drumstick seeds

    Dear Sir we require Drumsticks in huge quantity please contact Rajendra
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    Land Available Agriculture land 8 acres for lease

    Please provide yr contact details ready for joint venture or lease
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    For Sale Agri land for contract farming / rent

    We need 100 acres please provide yr contact no
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    Please provide yr contact details

    Please provide yr contact details
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    Land Required Need land on lease 50 to 100 Acre

    Require marginal ,fertile land of agricultural purpose 50 to 100 on long lease budget 5,000 to 10,000 per year
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    Land Required Rs.1.5L per acre fertile agricultural land near Hyderabad

    I require on long lease for 10 years period 100 acres and above
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    For Sale Onions in cheap rate for sale!

    Please provide yr contact no
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    For Sale Residue free & export quality Okra, Colour capsicum, Chillies, Dutch roses, Marigold,

    Hi please provide your contact details required regular supply of residue free okra, chilli, gavar and dudi..
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    For Sale Farm fresh Okra at cheap price

    What is your number
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    For Sale Farm fresh Okra at cheap price

    Regular order require 1 mt okra in Mumbai what is your rate
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    Land Available Agriculture Land with all facilities for lease or Joint venture 80 KM from Bangalore

    Iam interested please provide your no via private message
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    For Sale Required farmer's of fruits and vegetables

    We purchase fruits and vegetables in bulk quantities please contact
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    please provide yr contact details

    please provide yr contact details