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    For Sale Do you know about the tissue culture banana plant?

    In India, a new technique introduced by scientists of the agriculture department that is tissue culture technology. By this farmers can increase the production of banana. In Tissue culture technology, an artificial environment to be prepared in a lab or greenhouse, for the plantation. A small...
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    For Sale Papaya plants available

    Hello, If you need papaya plants for cultivation in huge amount then please let us know. we have fresh and disease-free varieties of hybrid papaya in India. We export fruits and vegetables in Uttarpradesh, Rajasthan, Gujrat etc. states of India.
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    Question Sandalwood farm land

    Hi, I am new in this forum. I am planning to start sandalwood nursery cultivation but didn't have much information. can you please tell me what are the basic things required for this? waiting for your reply... Arjoo Pandey