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  1. prachi organics

    organic guava and laxmi taru saplings

    we have developed a model farm house in Asansol (West Bengal) where we are doing organic cultivation from last 10 years. We have prepared 2 lakhs saplings of different variety of guava and 2 lakhs saplings of Simarouba(Laxmi Taru) of different sizes ranging from 6 months to 5 years old...
  2. prachi organics


    Hello, hows the market for Anthurium flower in India???
  3. prachi organics

    seed bank

    Hi, I want to prepare a seed bank in asansol (West bengal) , can anyone please guide me for the same. Regards, Rohit Goyal Prachi Organics Ph:- 9800020330
  4. prachi organics

    Project report for nursery

    Hi, I wish to start a world class nursery in 1 acre of land in Asansol (west Bengal) , can anyone please guide me for a bankable project report. Regards, Rohit Goyal Prachi Organics Ph:- 9800020330
  5. prachi organics

    schemes for nursery

    Hi, I want to start a nursery in 1 acre land in asansol (West bengal). Kindly guide me about the schemes and subsidaries available along with the necessary registration required if we wanna have a world class nursery on a large scale. Regards, Rohit Goyal Prachi Herbals Ph:- 9800020330
  6. prachi organics

    Anthurium flower

    Hi, We wish to sell anthurium flower in bulk quantity. We are based near Kolkata and have a production capacity of 1,00,000 flowers per month. For details regarding the size , color and specification of flowers kindly mail us at Regards, Rohit Goyal Prachi Herbals...
  7. prachi organics

    Anthurium flower

    Hi, What is the wholesale price for Anthurium flower and which are the major wholesale markets in India for the same. we are planning to develop a green house for Anthurium cultivation near kolkata and our production capacity would be around 1,00,000 flowers per month. Any information...
  8. prachi organics

    Demand for Anthurium flower

    Hi, We are planning to start a advanced greenhouse cultivation of Anthurium flower near Kolkata in tie-up with a Netherland company. Can anyone please guide me about the possible markets for the same along with the price Anthurium flower is presently fetching from the wholesale market. We...

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