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    Land Required Wanted 3- 5 acres agri land in Chengelpet Marakannam vicinity

    Need 3- 5 acres agriland with good water and road in Chengelpet, Marakannam / Kalpakkam vicinity. Budget 5 Lakhs / acre.
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    Land Required Wanted agriculture land in Redhills / Karanodai area

    Wanted 2 acres agriculture land in Redhills / Karanodai area with good ground water and road. Budget Rs 7- 8 Lakhs per acre.
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    Available Large Plastic Tubs for Aquaphonics & Aquaculture

    We are manufacturers & exporters of large plastic tubs for Aquaculture. Standard sizes are 2500 Liters & 3500 Liters. Ready stock from our Chennai yard.
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    For Sale Puttu Mavu in Bulk

    Available Puttu Mavu in bulk. Can offer in your packing. Minimum order quantity 10 MT / Month. FSSAI certified. Modern plant. suresh_samuel@yahoo,com
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    For Sale Automatic Milk Koha / Halwa make

    Brand new SS Milk Koha / Halwa maker with high torque slow speed stirrer with motor & gear box. Vacuum vessel. 50Kg batch capacity. Very good for cooking Milk Koha, Halwa, Jams, Kesari etc. Can be operated by women as stirring & tilting load is not there. Will not char or create lumps. Specially...
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    Water table & farming in Kalloorni area near Arupukottai

    Hi How is the farming scene in Kalloorani in Arupukottai. I am getting aland on long lease & i am looking for your suggestions & inputs. Will coconut be an alternative.
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    Wanted 10000SFT Hydrophonic System for Cucumber in Chennai.

    Wanted a 10000SFt hydrophonic system for growing cucumber in Chennai. Please offer with details & commitments to
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    Wanted 100 Acres dry land in Tamilnadu

    Wanted 100 acres dry land in Tamilnadu at a budget of 25000 / acre. Anywhere in Tamilnadu is OK & the budget is fixed. Single shot settlement.
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    For Sale Nanari Root Powder in Bulk

    Export quality Nanari root powder is available in bulk quantity.
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    For Sale New unused full SS Boiler 200kg/hr

    Have a new full SS Boiler 200 Kg/hr for sale. Can use gas or briquets
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    For Sale Regular supply of Japanese Quails from Sriperumbudur

    We can do regular supply (1000 - 2000 per week) of Certified Japanese Quails from our farm in Sriperumbudur. Regular buyers can get in touch with us.
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    For Sale Huge tanks for Aquaphonics & Fish Farm

    We are manufacturers of big troughs (upto 3000Liters) for Aquaphonics & fish farms. We can supply huge volume & government orders. Many colors available. Can supply through out the world. UV stabilised, abrassion resistant & long life. You can get in touch with us or...
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    For Sale ODAN Natural Lemon Nanari Squash for sale

    We are the manufacturers of ODAN Natural Lemon Nanari Squash & can supply in good volumes world over. Looking for distributors & exporters. The unit is a Woman Owned Women Empowered unit.
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    Wanted Wanted 10 acres agriculture land in Tamilnadu

    Wanted 10 acres agriculture land in Tamilnadu with good water. Prefer remote hilly areas with approach. Budget Rs.1,00,000/- acre
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    How are the returns on Urad Dhal cultivation in Tamilnadu?

    How are the returns on Urad Dhal cultivation in Tamilnadu?
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    How to get free electricity in TN for agriculture.

    I am in the process of starting my farm. How do we get the free electricity connection for agriculture. If not, what is the tariff for agriculture use in TN.
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    Wanted Wanted distributors for Natural Fruit Jams , Squashes & Natural Nanari Sherbath

    We are a certified manufacturer of the above products. We are looking for financially strong distributors from all over India for our natural products. No artificial coloring is used on our products.
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    Wanted Need Raw unrefined honey for animal feed

    I need raw unrefined honey for animal feed application. Where can I source it cost effectively?
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    Wanted Wanted Distributors for Natural Fruit Jams & Squashes

    Wanted financially sound distributors for our Home Style Fruit Jams & Squashes from all districts. Our products are made naturally from fruit pulps & all our products are FSSAI certified. Can offer huge volumes for exports as well. NO ADDED COLORS. NON SYNTHETIC. ONLY NATURAL.
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    What to grow in Tuticorin,Tamilnadu ?

    I have 15acres agriculture land in Tuticorin in Tamilnadu. It is black soil upto 15 feet depth & after that is Granite. have 2 bore wells & electricity. Please suggest what can be grown in this place profitably. I am considering Lime & Moringa. Open to unconventional ideas as well.

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