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    For Sale Dairy farm - agriculture

    DAIRY FARM FOR SALE IN KARNATAKA * Price Quoted: 3500 Cr * Land : 3700 Acres * Farm : 2000 Acres * Grass: 60 Acres * Tea Plantation : 1000 Acres * Australian Cows: 2800 * Buffaloes: 1000 * Calf: 5000 * Goat: 500 * Chicken: 1500 * Chilling Plant : 2 * Jeep : 10 * Car : 4 * Tractor : 20...
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    For Sale 145 acre land at cheap rate Tamilnadu

    Hi 145 acre Agriculture land available in Tamil nadu - Madurai rate 1.40lks per acre. Rate negotiable. Well water 50feet during summer 100feet. Borewell also available Karaipatti 5km from the land Interested contact Syed nyeem9790905600/ whats up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 15 acre coconut farm land in Rajapalyam, Tamilnadu

    Hi 15 acre coconut farm land available in madurai Rajapalayam Tamil nadu. Rate 11lks per acre total value 1.65cr Well EB service Access to the road Every 45 days income from the land 2lks on sale of coconut. You return will receive approx within 10yrs. Not able to upload the file Contact...
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    For Sale 10acre land available in Rajapalayam

    10acre land available in madurai Rajapalayam Rate 6lks per acre Village devipattanam near Devi river border. Tree coconut,lemon, teak and paddy and silkcotton. Pic of the land please contact Contact Syed nyeem 9790905600/what up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 600acre rate 1.5 lks per acre in Tamilnadu

    600acre available in Madurai Tamil nadu. Price :1.5lks per acre. From Madurai 66km From arupukottai to the land 26km 30'feet road Frontage 1500feet road Owner -1 Contact Syed nyeem 9790905600/what up 99626 12945
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    For Sale Red wood available in Madurai

    Hi Red wood available in Madurai Govt authorised to sell. 60+year trees. Available as per your requirement. Bulk quantity cheap rate. Contact Syed nyeem 9790905600/whats up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 9acre coconut trees available in Madurai, Tamilnadu

    Hi 9acre coconut farm available very cheap rate 13lks per acre Well maintained farm Near Rajapalayam Madurai Tamil nadu Contact nyeem 9790905600/9962612945
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    For Sale Agriculture land for sales in chennai

    Hi Agriculture land in Chennai minjur. 1.75 acre land full of paddy cultivation Clear title 3km from Minjur rly station Rate 45lks per acre. Pic not able to upload Contact 9790905600/ what's up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 40acre farm land available in Rajapalayam Tamil Nadu

    Hi all 40acre land available in sunderraja Puram village. Neer sugar factory, thangavel polytechnic college 6acre land for coconut 10acre for lemon 24acre for paddy. 7lks per acre(slightly negotiable). Pic of the land contact 9790905600/ whats up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 96 acre out of which 70acre coconut farm in Madurai Rajapalayam.

    Hi All, Here you go. Total 96acre coconut farm available in madurai Rajapalayam. Village sunderrajapuram 1).70 acre fully covered with coconut trees. 2).Well, borewell and EB free service. 3).Two pond in the farm to save water during rain season. 4). Rate 13 lks per acre. 5).Good yeild...
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    For Sale 5acre tea estate for sale near Coimbatore to Ooty

    Hi, 5acre Ooty estate for sale. Rate 25lks per acre.Neg. Toward Coimbatore to Ooty route 20kms. No EB. No water Normal rain showers Contact nyeem. 9790905600/ what's up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 2acre available in ooty

    2acre available in Ooty. 5km from Ooty bus stand. Heart of the town. Suitable for cottage, building cultivating carrot, cabbage beans etc Near by hotel. Currently it is vacant land Eb facility's available Rate 2cr can be neg. Sure you like the place. Will arrange conference call to the...
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    For Sale 17 acre agriculture land in Palani to Kodaikanal route

    17 acres 27km from Palani to kodaiKodai route 9lks per acre Number of trees. EB and good water facility's. Contact 9790905600/ what up 99626 12945
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    For Sale Export quality sunflower seed available

    Hi, Export quality of sunflower available 100gram rs 100only. Export quality of pumkin available 50gram rs 75. Contact 9790905600/ what up 99626 12945.
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    For Sale 17 acre land available in Trichy acre 4lks

    Hi , 17acre land avaialabe in Trichy for acre 4lks only. Land is in Trichy 4way road. Near brama koil. Beside the land is cultivate land Not able to upload pics Contact nyeem -9790905600/what up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 5 acres land for sale in Rajapalayam

    5acre land for sale in Rajapalayam rate 8.5 lks neg. EB free for live long. On road Single owner Cultivating paddy. Ready auruvedai. Contact nyeem 9790905600. What's up 99626 12945.
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    For Sale 2 acre land in Ooty

    Hi 2acre land available in Ooty for rate only 2cr neg. The land is for situated at the heart of Ooty. Contact :9790905600/ what's up 99626 12945.
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    For Sale 400 acre for 2.5lks per acre in Virudunagar, Madurai

    Hi I have 400acre rate 2.5 lks per acre in Virudunagar Madurai. Village Polurachi Good soil for agriculture. On road 500 meter on road No jumping Good water source. In this land already cultivated maize, paddy,corn.yel. etc. Please see patta copy and map for you reference. Contact :9790905600/...
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    For Sale 22acre agriculture land in Trichy

    22acre agriculture land in Trichy at 15 lks per acre negotiable. The land is in Edumalai to tripattur road and a cut road. Lemon trees 1500 Guava trees 1000 plus Coconut trees Good water source EB avilable around 4year form Land Pics please contact nyeem - 9790905600. What's up 99626 12945
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    For Sale 15 acre available in Trichy

    Hi All, 15 acre agriculture land available in Trichy - inamkulathur. Rate below 10lks negotiable. Borewell available. Shed is there. Pics can be shared in what's up Interested person can contact Syed nyeem - 9790905600 what's up 99626 12945.

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