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Premium membership is valid for one year.

The membership will provide the following privileges:
  • You can join our online meetings with successful agriculture entrepreneurs, farmers, buyers, sellers, and experts. Having just one meaningful conversation that has the potential to change your business/life goal is worth this membership fee! View calendar of forthcoming meetings.
  • If you like to attend any meeting listed in the calendar indicate your interest by posting a message in the discussion thread. At the time of the meeting we will call and add you into the call.
  • If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to ask a question, you can leave your questions on the discussion thread. During the meeting, the moderators will ask the questions on your behalf.
  • We also make available recording of some of the meetings for you to listen at a later time.
  • Some of the meeting transcripts will also be published as text articles. As a premium member you can read these articles in full.
  • During the year you will receive PDF version of the magazine “Agriculture & Industry Survey“. This is an English monthly magazine covering agriculture-related information with a summary of the main events on this forum.
Signing up for the Premium Membership is like enrolling for a one-year online education program. You will gather new information and connect with new people.

If you have any questions to ask about premium membership please email or use the contact form at the footer of this page.
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