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  • We are looking for cheap farm land in Trichur/Palakkad for a future dairy farming (Min 2to 3 Acres required). Please contact me on
    I want to purchase a rubber estate in kerala, kannur with the help of bank loan, approx budget is Rs 40 lak. can any one suggest.
    1. We are able to supply 1500 chicks every year as well as emu birds.We maintain records for each egg/ chick. We do not mass-produce the emu chicks. We selectively hatch quality emu chicks in order to produce best results. We export and supply emu eggs to various domestic and international clients.

    2. We take proper care for every emu chick and vaccinate them regularly to keep them completely immune to all kinds of diseases

    3. we give training for the farmers under the super vision of veterinary doctor who has 10 years of experience in the emu farming.

    4. Also supply emu products, emu eggs, emu chick, emu oil, emu meat, emu leather, emu feather, emu bone powder, emu nail

    5. We provide complete guidance to new farmers and share our experience.

    For more details please contact the below numbers.
    hi pls advise details regarding land in chalakkudy as you mentioned.
    Pls contact me on
    MOB 9446391564(MR.K.C.MATHEW)
    newly built house & near lake it si view point also ,water facility &electricity provided ,all home faclity are provided.
    another one house is valley view sx cents land 100sq ft build up area ,all home amenties are provded,
    kindly reply me,
    with best regards,

    Pls let me know the place and i need of 5 to 6 acres...
    Abt the details of the land.. abt electricity & water..
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