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  • the cbg plant will not feasible for 300 buffalo farm and also 200/250 cow farm. The minimum feasible size of the plant will be 500m3 per day which requires 10 Ton cow dung per day. You can calculate with your number of animal required for the project. The cost of the plant will be Rs. 1.00 Crore and you can get purified biogas of 225 kg per day.

    We are India's one of the Largest Supplier of alfalfa Grass seed(Lucerne Grass seed).

    Kindly contact us regarding Lucerne seed.

    With Regards
    Jaimin Patel
    From Shree Vinayak Enterprise
    EId: jaimin_sve@hotmail.com
    For this cold and rainy condition, what do you suggest, sheep or goat? Because farmers of this area are telling that the sheep wont be able to survive in this condition, only goat has the resistance power to survive. please guide me
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