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  • We need gomutra ark around 10 bottles packed in glass bottles please let us know would you be able to provide us the same in bangalore. Our contact number is 9880766041/9632584958
    Hi Sudhir,
    I am looking forward to purchase 5000 vetiver clums in Hyderbad. Kindly advice about the prize per clum.
    am planing to cultivate Lemon in my 4 hec. farm. I am looking for suitable variety of Lemon plant. My farm is located close to Nepal India border (near Gorakhpur). Please advise me what variety of lemon plant suitable in that region for maximum production per plant. Also please let me know if you sell lemon plants. I am pretty much open to any variety, such as seed less, Nagpur, etc. The plant should easily tolerate climate of this region and somewhat resistant to common diseases.
    Please get back to me with the detail. Please let me know where can I buy good quality Lemon plant.

    I am looking for Rangpur seedlings in bulk.Please, contact me at 9800667655 or email me at
    I looking for coleus planting material 1 kg for personal use. I am from Poland , I can offer 100 usd. Can u help me arrange the material?
    hi sudhir ji,
    i got land near anantapur , planning to plant malia dubia in around 40 to 50 acres in first phase , how u can help me. basically i am from Punjab u can contact me through mail ajaybindra at
    I am willing to buy noni-fruit seeds in bulk quantity for further marketing but I need the sample first to see its growth under Bangladesh environment. If it grows, I shall place bulk order for further marketing here in Bangladesh.

    You can send the sample of 1 or 2 kg seeds to my courier agent in Kolkata, they will arrange to deliver the seeds to me in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Please let me know if this is possible.


    Dr. MM Rahim
    Cell: (88)01713191146
    mmrahim at yahoo . com
    Dear Mr. Pai,
    I am interested in seedless lemon saplings. Can you please send me details for the same.
    Can reach me via e-mail or mobile # 9099339698.
    we want to grow 30 acre of melia dubai in madkasira and we need ur consaltancy my mobile no 9815098702
    Dear sir
    i need melia dubia, red sanders, sandal, aonla in bulk.. kindly give your contact details.

    shankar reddy- 9886429889
    Dear Sir,
    can you provide us a project report on PATCHOULI cultivation ? if yes kindly mail it on
    Dear Mr.Pai,
    We are looking at large scale energy plantations, in the range of 2000 acres for generation of power. For the same, we are looking at cultivating high yielding crops such as melia dubia and beema bamboo.

    We are looking for consultants for the cultivation and maintenance of the aforementioned crops and would be highly obliged if you inform whether your company can provide such consultancy.

    Thanks and regards
    Shrivatsa Khemka
    Manager - Business Strategy and Development
    New Age Group
    i am interested in paulownia,melia dubia, sandalwood, teak and silver oak saplings, we have 1800 acres of almost plain land with lot of water, which we recently purchased, please advice us to utilise the land properly with cost of saplings, saplings per acre,years for harvest, irrigating and fertlising cost,approximate price of each tree while harvest etc
    thank you
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