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    Organic Ghee for sale

    Organic ghee for sale @ Rs.1000.00/Kg Ghee produced from Pure desi cows like Sahiwal and Kankrej which are fed organically grown Co-4 grasses. Please contact
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    Wanted glass bottles

    Dear Friends, I required 300cc glass bottle, monthly requirement will be 4500000 nos of glass bottles, please quote the rate my id Regards Mustaq Ahamed
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    Wanted Wanted Cattle feeds

    Thanks for Reply We need all the products around 500kgs to 1tons per month. please quote the rate ASAP. reply me to my id
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    Wanted Wanted Cattle feeds

    Dear friends, I am looking for the following product list 1.Makka Cholam, 2.Sorghum 3.Kelvaraghu 4.Kambu 5.Ellupunnaakku 6.Kadalaipunnaakku 7.Arisi thavudu 8.Godhumai Thavudu 9.Thuvaram pottu 10.Ulutham pottu 11.Vellam 12.Molassus 13.Maravalli Kilangu maavu 14.Cotton seed 15.Karuvaattu Thool...
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    Labour need

    we need labours for diary farms. Monthly pay will RS 6000/- per family,Including (food and accommodation). contact Person Mustaq -