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    Question What is the best way to convert any types of organic waste into compost ?

    Depends upon the quantum and variety of wastes.
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    Wanted Want to sandal wood crop in my farm

    First, the saplings may not survive the environment conditions. If it survives the quality might not be there. Theft is a serious problem.
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    Question Organic Citrus Cultivation in South India

    how many plants are planted. how many are sick. what is the source of saplings. any advice received from horticulture dept for this.
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    Question License required to farm medicinal plants

    first is the market. there are so many medicinal plants which are high use which can replace many costly medicines. but, they are ignored. example, vahini, apamarga, sharapunkha. etc., so many are there. no body recognizes their utility.
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    Available Organic farming training centre franchise

    at least if you put details how your things work, it will be easy to decide on the investment part. otherwise how is it possible to spend blindly in the very tough times. no body can do it. so better it is available to everyone so that more come forward . otherwise it does not appear to be...
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    Available Organic farming training centre franchise

    good attempt. please inform details in this forum. so that may people will join quickly.
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    Job Required Looking for farm manager , supervisor or care taker job anywhere .

    Would you be interested in implementing projects related to Greenhouses/Exports/Rainwater Harvesting/Drip Irrigation,Training Women Self Help Groups/Old Age Homes under my guidance?I am a Civil Engineer,70 years of age and based at Pune.Please reply . My projects can be implemented anywhere...
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    Yes.all projects have not given the desired results. We have understand the ground reality.
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    For Sale Curucma Caesia black turmeric rhizome available.

    We can buy wet rhizomes1 to 10 mt.
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    Question How to get resources after I cleared my farm land?

    Why should one think of this. This is throwing away the resources and then crying for the loss
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    Question Exporting Ashwagandha root

    Ashwagandha plant itself is a weed in India. Farmers remove it.
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    Question Bajra as cattle feed as a replacement for cattle feed ?

    Bajra is used as human staple food. Kadaba of bajra is the cattle feed. It is in use by us since generations
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    The question is we are from Vidharbha . Will the plants survive here.
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    Please inform the varieties of plants available
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    Question Organic control of turmeric shoot borer

    If you need we can provide you the remedy.