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    Question Exporting Ashwagandha root

    Ashwagandha plant itself is a weed in India. Farmers remove it.
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    Question Bajra as cattle feed ?

    Bajra is used as human staple food. Kadaba of bajra is the cattle feed. It is in use by us since generations
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    The question is we are from Vidharbha . Will the plants survive here.
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    For Sale Fruit plants

    Please inform the varieties of plants available
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    Question Organic control of turmeric shoot borer

    If you need we can provide you the remedy.
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    Very highly risky. Must have good reserve fund to bear the losses. Even 15 to 20 year old projects have failed.
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    Question Organic Farming Start up with existing land

    We can provide you natural forgotten cotton seeds which can give 12 months crop. Minimum input requirement. We can help you to grow naturally without much inputs. Are you interested
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    Job Available For Experts in Manufacturing of Organic and Bio Fertilizers and also Mushroom Cultivation

    Yes. Can provide the technology for manufacture of bio pesticides.etc. let me know your reply.
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    Organic Biofertilizer, Biocides for all Crops and Garden Nutrient

    bio-fertilkiser how about a single product, which will do all the jobs of all the products of yours put together.
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    Honest consultant in agriculture sector

    honest consultant does it mean that others are dishonest.
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    consultancy for self-sustaining organic farm

    organic is this post still valid
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    Stayed back in India to persue passion in agriculture

    success in agriculture in india is a night mare. only the field person knows it.
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    Are neem based crop inputs cost effective?

    not only cost effectiveness, neem is also not a good product as everyone hinks. the properties of need are hyped. india does not have the quantity of need products to meet the agriculture requirement. neem is certainly failure.
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    Hi Friends and Experts

    nagamangala no coco is not possible. if he land is covered with tengu, then one should visit the location and decide the future. as one has look many aspects. we are near nagamangala. we can hlep you.
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    Jatropha looked promising . But what went wrong?

    jatropha the entire project started with a bluff and managed in bluff way. there was no commitment of any one at any levels. if some one is committed, we can provide the help to revive jatropha.the question is who is serious.

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