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    Job Available Need caretaker

    Hello, I am looking for a couple to take care of my 1 acre farm which in 20 KMs from Mangaon (Raigad). It has a house, fully fenced and close to road. I have some good options in case if you are seriously looking. Please leave your contact number to discuss. Thank you!!
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    Question Need ideas

    Please send me your contact number.
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    Question How to Get rid of junglee grass?

    Please send me your contact number. Thanks
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    Question How to Get rid of junglee grass?

    How to Get rid of Junglee grass.? Which comes every year even after cutting to ground level.
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    Job Required Caretaker/supervisor available

    Send me your contact number.
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    Question Need ideas

    Hi all, I have one acre of agriculture land on edge of hill with good scenery view in Raigad district of Maharashtra. I am looking for new ideas where I can make use of my agriculture land and make good profit with maintenance.
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    Land Available Agriculture land on rent

    Agriculture land of one acre with good quality of soil & connectivity of road is available for rent in Raigad district of Maharashtra...
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    Land Required Required agriculture land on rent or lease for Integrated organic farming.

    I have one acre land in Raigad district with good quality of soil.
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    Land Required Want land near Mumbai, Pune

    I just bought land in Mangaon 150 kms from Mumbai. You can contact .
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    Land Required 3 acres near Mumbai

    Hi! If you are interested in agricultural plot near Pali/ Mangaon ( Raigad district) . Pl. Connect with me.

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