Experience of a farmer – There are only 20% successful farmers. The remaining 80% are failures only

T.Ravindra – Pomegranate farmer takes up expert’s services to earn profits but unstable weather leads to losses

Farming is a gamble always. The statement stands true when ups and downs in the farmers’ life are observed. Mr. T. Ravindra is one such farmer who became rich overnight two years back but this year certainly luck is not on his side. He has 20 acres farm in Sultanpura village of Chitradurga taluk where he grows “Bhagwa” variety of pomegranates on five acres.

In 2012 he took the services of the consultant, Mr. Eshwarappa and was able to make profits of Rs. 12 lakh. The changes consultant brought at the farm were plants selection, fruits’ quality maintenance, timely application of nutrients and pesticides as required. Second harvest was also promising, but unfortunately the third harvest failed. Mr. Ravindra highlights, “I got 30 tons of fruits in first harvest and the same quantity in the second yield. But in third crop I could manage to market only 5 tons and incurred about 25 tons loss. Despite all efforts I am at loss this year because of unstable weather.”

Third harvest failed for Mr. T. Ravindra, but he is hopeful of a better tomorrow. He shares, “Yes, I am still in contact with my consultant. He is helping and offering guidance for this yield.”

Mr. Ravindra came to know about the horticulture consultant from the fellow farmers. He adds, “Mr. Eshwarappa is from Chitradurga area. He helps pomegranate farmers. He charges visiting fees for his consultation, and the farmers can contact him about any of their problems. He is always ready to offer solutions.”

“I use only chemical fertilizer for growing pomegranates,” informs Mr. Ravindra. He uses DAP, potash, bhoomishakthi, and magnesium sulfate mainly and other nutrients as and when necessary for the plants.

The produce is sold in Bangalore market and near Electronic City in Anekal taluk. Mostly buyers come to farm and buy. He informs, “This year I incurred loss. I sold the fruits at Rs. 60 per kilo. My first and second crops yielded good price.”

Year 2014 was not farming favorable as farmers faced many problems due to various reasons such as climate, insects, and blights. “Our crops have failed almost 80%. Right now priority is to come out of the loss. Plants are flowering now and we have to wait for the result,” shares Mr. Ravindra.

Before signing off he expresses desire to point out, “There are only 20% successful farmers. The remaining 80% are failures only, and it is an exaggeration if they claim higher success rate. We find it difficult to recover even 50% of our expenses. There are high chances of total failure also.”

Nevertheless he concludes putting the positive step forward, “This is life. When I earned profits not much change was observed but I am feeling good and will do so always.”

Contact details-
Mr. T. Ravindra
S/o Mr. K Thippa Nayaka
Sulthanipura, Rayanahalli post
Chitradurga Dt
Karnataka 577502
Mob: 9945706217