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Diversified into agriculture to stay close to family profession. Located in Bangalore

Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu

Being from an agriculture family, Mr. Suresh Babu could not ignore his roots for long. True to his calling Switch Crafts India, a company set up by Mr. Suresh Babu engaged in the manufacturing of electronic products, diversified into agri cultivation and consulting in 2005. The company was founded in 1979.

Mr. Suresh started with pilot project on 7.5 acres of land. “Initially, we grew banana and colored capsicum along with permanent crops like areca and coconut. The project took off well with good returns and we were motivated to go for large scale cultivation.”

Switching to Consulting
After three years of experience in the industry, Mr. Suresh started agri consulting. “The main challenges faced by currents growers are crop planning, labor management, storage and logistics, and economic scaling. Hence I decided to start coordinating the above activities as a one stop information point for either a startup entrepreneur or existing person in the field,” he adds.

Increasing Yield : Advising on methods to increase yield and quality of produce, Mr. Suresh says, “Identify suitable saplings, use small agri machinery wherever possible to minimize labor, plan crop spacing and possible intercropping, adopt drip and micro irrigation after consulting with experts, explore possible contract farming, be aware of possible pest attacks and be ready with solutions.”

Further advising on adopting best water management techniques, he says, “Bore well source should be treated as a standby supply and not as a main source. Do not forget to have recharge mechanisms for bore wells. Minimize water loss due to evaporation by covering soil by agro waste.”

Integrated /Intercrop Farming
An advocate of integrated /intercrop farming, Mr. Suresh says, “It provides a source of additional income, hedges against fall in prices of the main crop, improves nutrient fixing and provides source for natural fertilizer. It also helps in optimizing the use of agri machinery and reducing transporting and marketing costs.” He adds, “If one has to be successful in agribusiness, it should a win-win situation for people who actually work in the field and group investors or group agriprenuers. Hence co-operative and integrated farming is a must.”

Target Customers : The company targets young entrepreneurs inclined to do agri business on large scale, retirees taking up agriculture, and existing farmers and growers. Switch Crafts currently operates only in and around Bangalore.

Ongoing Project : Mr. Suresh is currently working on a 45 acre integrated project. “Three families have been assigned to maintain 2 to 3 acres on an individual basis. They have been offered a salary plus share in profits. Livestock have been provided on an equal partnership basis for manure requirement,” maintains Mr. Suresh.

In future he aims to have at least 50 families associated with his project. Mr. Suresh is a post graduate engineer in electronics and communication, and is working on agro projects since 2005. “I work mainly as a project coordinator, in agro based projects, starting from identification of lands to marketing of the end produce,” he says.

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For more information, contact :  Mr.Suresh Babu Switch Crafts India B 383 4th Main, 6th Cross, 1st Stage Peenya Indus Estate Bangalore- 58 Mobile: 080 28394047
Phone: 98454 93295 Email: switchindia@yahoo.com

Source : Agriculture & Industry Survey