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Dr. Sheetal Sharma on "Sustainable soil management options to improve the profitability of rice"

Dr. Sheetal Sharma is a Soil Scientist at International Rice Research Institute in New Delhi.  She works as an integral part of IRRI Rice Crop manager team. She leads the initiatives in IRRI to develop sustainable soil management options for rice-based systems to transform the provision of information to farmers and, to make site-specific recommendations available to small farmers. Dr. Sheetal Sharma  work on combining detailed information on crop performance with innovative knowledge transfer approaches and the development of ICT-based decision-support tools suited to extension workers and farmers using mobile applications or computers. The work has targeted small-scale farmers in India and these applications are enabling farmers to improve the profitability of rice through more timely and accurate crop management.

Meeting was held on: April 19, 2021 3:00 pm
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