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Dr. Rohan Chhabra on “Hydroponic Farming : Future scope in India”

Dr. Rohan Chhabra is the CTO at Prakriti AgTech in Delhi. To know more view He says, “Given concerns about feeding a growing human population in a changing climate, many scientists believe hydroponic technology may be able to mitigate impending food shortages. Hydroponic farming is an innovative agricultural technology that has the potential to transform the world and end hunger by creating sustainable and advance food production systems. More specifically, it is a method of farming where plants can be grown in nutrient-fortified water, instead of in soil. Hydroponic systems can help build an inclusive, safe, sustainable and resilient society of future. Adoption of such technology not only addresses the urgent need to secure food and nutrition security but also helps in building a localized and climate-resilient agriculture infrastructure”

Meeting was held on: December 6, 2022 5:00 pm
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