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Dr. Rajendra Uprety on “What is hybridizing technology and how it helps resource-poor farmers?”

Dr. Rajendra Uprety is a  Division Chief at  Food Security and Agribusiness Promotion Division, Ministry of Agriculture in Biratnagar, Nepal..

Dr. Rajendra Uprety says “Agriculture in developing countries is complex and vulnerable, especially for resource-poor farmers. They require location-specific technologies (hybrid technology) and solutions developed with their active involvement. In developing countries, several top-down approaches have been tried but there appeared to be challenges in addressing the needs of resource-poor farmers. Participatory approaches emphasize involvement of local farmers and interaction between farmers, extension workers and researchers in order to understand local needs, challenges and opportunities, and to adjust/hybridize or design technology for the specific situation.”

Meeting was held on: April 1, 2022 5:00 pm
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