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Dr. P. P. Joy on "Passion fruit cultivation, processing and marketing"

Dr. P. P. Joy is the Retired Professor of Agronomy from Kerala Agricultural University in Ernakulam, Kerala. His interests are passion fruit and pineapple. Dr. P. P. Joy says when he was the professor and head of Pineapple Research Station under the Kerala Agricultural University he had the opportunity to undertake a KSCSTE research project entitled “Evaluation of passion fruit types for commercial cultivation”. The project was for a period of three years from 2012 to 2015 and a very good passion fruit variety namely 134P was developed at the station. The variety was supplied to different research stations under the Kerala Agricultural University for multiplication and for further multiplication testing. 134P planting materials were also supplied to different organisations, institutes and growers for large scale cultivation. It was well accepted and now more than 5000 hectares are under passion fruit cultivation. He says, passion fruit is a fruit of future. It is high time to promote and popularize this nutritional, medicinal and number one profitable crop.

Meeting was held on: March 19, 2021 5:00 pm
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