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Dr. Nitin Bhore on “Mixed farming is a big business”

Dr. Nitin Bhore , Agri. Horticulture Expert and Consultant in Green Gardens has done Doctorate in Botany and his major research work was conducted on organic farming for vegetables crops mainly brinjal, green chilies and cherry tomato. His area of interest in agriculture is organic farming, commercial cultivation of Indian & Exotic vegetables, fruits, flowers & herbs, rural community development and providing education & training to the college, institutional students on agribusiness opportunities. To know more view

Dr. Nitin Bhore says “Farmers can Increase their  revenue and income by professionally farming their  farm activities .For example they can do the below mixed activities in one farm at same time which will generate high income. 1) Production of residue free products. 2) Secondary fruit processing 3) Dehydration of products  4) Ready to eat fresh packed products 5) Seedling nursery project 6) High nutritive value compost project 7) Health tourism project 8) Landscape the entire farm “

Meeting was held on: December 9, 2022 3:00 pm
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