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Dr. Devarajareddy NJ on “How to rejuvenate bore wells in agricultural farms / bore well recharge in simple way”

Dr. Devarajareddy NJ is the Hydrogeologist & Rain Water Harvesting Specialist at Geo Rain Water Board(r) in Chitradurga, Karnataka. He is working in the  field of water , ground water , bore wells recharge etc. for 35 years.  To know more view

Dr. Devarajareddy NJ  says presently we are facing acute water shortage in the bore wells and  because of ground  water depletion, our farmers are drilling the bore wells deeper and deeper. In some places they have gone up to 2000 feet and have not got a single drop of water. The water shortage is not only in dry lands but also in  Malnad and  Coastal areas. So rain fall is not the criteria for bore well water.  He says based on his experience, they started point recharge of bore wells  in scientific way. The technology seems simple , based on land condition,  rain water flow, bore well condition. The work has to be done in scientific way, echo friendly and cost effective techniques. So far they have rejuvenated more than 1 lakh bore wells in India which has  given good results and  farmers are getting sufficient water in summer with good agri production living comfortably