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Dr. Anandkumar Naorem on "Spineless cactus: An unconventional yet intriguing dry land fodder"

Dr. Anandkumar Naorem is the Head(I/C) and Scientist (Soil sciences) at  ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute, in Bhuj, Gujarat. His area of expertise includes carbon sequestration, remediation of heavy metal toxicity in soil for safe cultivation of crops, formulation of multifaceted microbial consortium for improving soil fertility, dryland fodder resources, spineless cactus research and land-use change related soil quality. To know more view

Dr. Anandkumar Naorem says dryland areas are challenged with low precipitation coupled with high temperature that often limits the availability of green fodder especially during hottest season of the year. This led the scientists to find alternatives that could serve the purpose of green fodder and a proper crop that can be easily grown in arid soils. Spineless cactus are gaining a lot of attention in terms of its multifaceted uses in agriculture. Since it is spineless, it is easy to cultivate and  in handling purposes. The cactus cladodes are rich in water and nutrients that increases the milk  quality and quantity. It is also observed that cattle fed with chopped cactus cladodes consume less water since it is rich in water content. The cost of cultivation is very low as it involves very less inputs and maintenance charges. It also bears fruit known as cactus pear, rich in antioxidants and essential amino acids. Exploiting this wonderful unconventional resource in dry land agriculture must be properly studied and recommended to farmers.

This meeting will offer knowledge on few questions:

  • What are the multi uses of cactus pear?
  • How can we propagate the cactus pear?
  • How it must be fed to the cattle?
  • Can I cultivate for fruit purposes?
  • What is the economical value of this fodder crop?

Meeting was held on: June 16, 2021 5:00 pm
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