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Dr. Adavi Rao Desai on “An overview of cashew production technology, prospects and challenges”

Dr. Adavi Rao Desai is the Principal Scientist (Hort.) at  ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute in  Goa.

Dr. Adavi Rao Desai says “Cashew is a globally popular tropical nut crop. It is cultivated for its nutritious kernels and cashew apple, besides its by products like cashewnut shell liquid (CNSL) having enormous industrial value. India ranks in the first position in the world with raw cashew nut production estimated at 7.38 lakh metric tons contributing  19.54% to the global production of 37.75 lakh metric tons, followed by 10.59% contribution by Vietnam (INC, 2021). Export earnings during 2020 were to the extent of US$ 566.76 million(IBEF, 2021). Cashew is grown in 17 states  in the country with Maharashtra  leading in area , production and productivity. More than 50 improved varieties are recommended for  commercial cultivation. National productivity is around 800 kg/ha. , which needs to be enhanced on priority to meet the demand of cashew nut processing industry. Expanding area  in non-traditional  belts suitable for cashew cultivation through promotion of high yielding improved location specific.”

Meeting was held on: March 7, 2022 3:00 pm
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